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Country Codes

Maldives has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:MV
  • Country ISO A3 code:MDV
  • Country ISO number:462
  • Currency Code:MVR
  • Currency Code number:462
  • Calling Code:+960

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Postal Code for Maldives

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Tharaf Thoddooge Thilafushi Thakandhoo Thiyaramaage Thorny Asseyri
Tinujehi Aage Tinujehige Three Flowers Thuthiya Thalhamudhige Thuni Veli
Themaage Tranquil Villa Three Rooms Town Villa Thadinoomaage Thoathaa Villa
Thoathaage Three D Three Sisters Thila Thaafatha Villa Thaafathaage
The Last Thaa Atoll Fihaara The Presidents Office Thiyara Faiy Thiyaramaa Thiyaramoo
Thoori Thuniya Tokyo Villa Two Star Thoothumaa Timeless
Television Maldives Thaburu Villa Thanburu Villa Thurravaas Two Flower Tharivilaage
Tail Fin Target Tennis Association of Maldives Thaburumaage Thashimushi Villa Thashimushige
Thiladhoo Three A Shop Thilinfaru Tulip Villa Thonthoa Theerathuge
Theerathuge Hulhangubai Theerathu Thiburoazuge Thimarafusheege Titokee Teezal
Tharaha Thiringali Three A Villa Three Birds Titian Tharividhaage
Thaangeedhoshuge Thulhaadhooge Thila Asseyri Three Star Threen Star Thila Falhu
Tide Throaliya Ten Stars Twine Twin Flower Thanhaa
Thabahge Tetra Trust Home Turkey Taurus Temarisk
Thalhu Three and One Thila Vilu Thulusdhooge Thila Gaa Three Lights
Thiyara Telecommunication Authority of Maldives Thasliyaa Theefaridhoo Theveli Thiburoaz
Thoonis Twilight Thilaakolhu Thulhaagiri Thulhaagiri Aage Tow
Tomato Thonaadaa Three Roses Thilahaa Thin Hiri Thunigaa
Telecom Building Thaajudeen School Tama Thedhu Ofi Thigo Thoonu Veli
Thoothugasdhoshuge Thrive Tedrel Tedrel Aage Thalvaaruge Thiyani
Thrush Thuna Tibet Tube Rose Tunisia Table Tennis Association of Maldives
Two Friends Tesco Themaa Tulip Twelve Green The Scout Association of Maldives
The Villa Thaif Thikureethu Tears Joy Tharaanaage Tharaanaage Aage
Tranquility Thaalhafilige Tharaboozuge Thunburi Thakathuvaage Theemuge
Three Chances Tiny Waves Topaz Turin Two Lines Thingandu Vina
Thikaanis Thundiveli Tensy Thandiraiymaage Thilafan Thimaaveshi
Thousand Flower Thuvaru Thuzulaa Texas Texas Hulhangubai Thaavathaa
Tharijehige Threek Light Thuhufaa Twilight Inn Twilight Reverie Thaalin
Tharaadhu Thinadhooge Thoraamaage Thaburuge Tearose Thaiba
Thanthaara Thilafihige Thin Fiya Toorak Toorak Dhekunu Twin Lodge
Thundi Tb Clinic Tb Leprosy Control Project Unit Thaaj Tharijehi Aage Tivega Light
Thanbee Aage Thanbeege Three Friends Three Moons Top View Thimarafushi
Thurakunu Thairaa Theeru Thuvaalu Thari Thoamara
Thoobaa Thiyara House Transylvannia Tharika Thaaizu Teachers Colony
Team Thinadhoo Thoddoo Thundufushi Thulusdhoo Thulhaadhoo