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Country Codes

Maldives has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:MV
  • Country ISO A3 code:MDV
  • Country ISO number:462
  • Currency Code:MVR
  • Currency Code number:462
  • Calling Code:+960

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Choir Canvas Cosy House Cualiflower Calvinia Chandhaneege
Comrade Hiya Crescent No. 9 Chilhiyaa Villa Choicia Coliseum Centre For the Holy Quran
Coconut Villa Chaappage Centro Sema Chilhiyaa City View Cononta
Cord Calcuthaage Culcuttage Crescent Moon Cool Breeze Courtmaage
Cph No. 6 Crescent No. 4 Crescent No. 5 Cyprea Cannon Cristo
Coral Reef Champa Heaven Charity Cherry Bell Aage Cherrymaage Coast
Cool Grass Corbin Courage Carnationge Cherry Bell Cherry Bell Dhekunubai
Chilhiyaajehige Chandhanee Chandhanee Magu No. 14 Chandhanee Magu No. 16 Chandhanee Magu No. 4 Chandhani Magu 34
Chandhani Magu No. 22 Fihaara Chandhani Magu No. 24 Fihaara Chandhani Magu No. 27 Fihaara Chandhani Magu No. 30 Fihaara Coronet Peak Cph No. 1
Cph No. 7 Carnation View Carnation View Dhekunu Bai Carnation Villa Dhekunubai Crescent Wood Champaa Moon
Cheese Capricorn Corona Carpentaruge Champaamaage Cathy Rose
Candys Clover Carnation Fiya Carnation Lodge Croany Cocoa
Cocoa Hiyaa Cocoa Maa Cocoage Cool Star Cylinco Castle
Charlotte Coral Wood Carrot Chilka Lake Crest Canary Villa
Croton Camrock Crimson Rose Chanbeyleege Croamis Coafeege
Coral Berry Coral Lodge Catania Chandhaneemaage Coral Dale Champa Palace
Cowslip Crocus Crescent No. 6 Crescent No. 7 Capri Chaandh
Caledonia Champaa Villa Climate Coral Gardens Coral Tree Chaaru Chaandh
Cotton Villa Cynosure Chandhani Flower Chandhani House Cool Wave Caribbean
Casia Coal Field Clip Cottage Cupid Cinema Fihaara
Cph No. 3 Crescent No. 17 Crescent No. 18 Cosy Lodge Calm Sea Camy
Coazee Round Crown Villa Central Care Rest Carol Carol 1
Cool Oasis Corner Crystal Villa Centre For Higher Secondary Education Cassuarina Chaman
Crab Tree Crimson Crimson Light Cuba Villa Canopy Cricket Association of Maldives
Champa Star California California No. 1 California No. 2 California Uthurubai Canary Lodge
Carnation Villa Chambeylee Villa Champaage Chandhani Palace Cheynuge Coil
Comrade Villa Cosy Nest Cph No. 2 Champa Lodge Civilization Chandhanee Villa
Canary Maa Canaryge Chanpaamaa Comrade Cosy City Villa
Centre For Open Learning Chabeylee Aage Chambeylee View Chambeyly Hiyaa Chambeylymaa Chambeylymaage
Coconut House Cool Stone Cool Stone 2 Cool Stone 6 Cool Stone No. 2 Cool Stone No. 5
Cooling Villa Canoapas Caranation Maage Cph No. 4 Crescent No. 1 Crescent No. 2
Coral Sea Crest Hill Caution Cherry Columbia Childrens Home
Canaria Citrus Cherry House Carnation Hiya Cool Cool Chamak
Cream Cream Vaadhee Cream Villa Creamge Copyge Crystal
Champaapoolge Carpenter Villa Champa Flats Chorus Chichandaage Cenaflower
Casino Chest Clinic Chinaaru Cotton Cromer Cherry Park
Cozy Joint Crome Centre For Maritime Training Chandellier