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Country Codes

Maldives has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:MV
  • Country ISO A3 code:MDV
  • Country ISO number:462
  • Currency Code:MVR
  • Currency Code number:462
  • Calling Code:+960

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Pegasus Pardon Villa Piyaaz Pine Wood Paakee Villa Park View
Parkaruge Penzee Aage Penzee Nectar Penzeemaage Penamaage Paa Complex
Perihelium Pink Peace Heaven Pentium Paanisvilla Palm Valley
Pigeon Orchid Passions Port Side Palm Grow Peacock Pelican
Paamelia Plaza Police Headquaters Port Health Section Penzeemaa Perceive Villa
Picture Pink Hope Pink Lake Pink Stream Pink Valley Penzy
Pinnacle Piyaanaage Pompiya Lodge Pompiyage Penzee House Polaris
Pool Kinaaraa Pink House Pink Rose Premio Pool Copyge Palm View
Pool Bahaaruge Poppy Pal Pul Petty Bird Petty Corner
Petty Rose Petty Villa Palm Court Palm Shade Perry Winkle Pineapple
Paanis Park Side Palm Beach Paci Flora Passion Fruit Peachers
Petral Pool Vaadhee Palm Lodge Pearl Root Penamaa Villa Platinum Cottage
Pole Star Pink Star Paalma Paalma Villa Passion Flower Passion Flower Irumatheebai
Pompiya Pescally Piccadilly Pythagorous Palm Spring Paayal
Point Hiyaa Pretty Flower Pears Pool Pink Light Pink Night
Pink Garden Peace Corner Pentland Paakeeza Penton Villa Philadelphia
Petra Paris Villa Park Lane Penter Green Petooniya Phoenix Villa
Picnic Primrose Peoples Majlis Poonam Point Villa Pisthaage
Pink Flower Piyaajee Plex Pretty Villa Peach Coral Pines
Pink Dream Paatraa Parrot Parrot Nest Pareeruge Pleasant Waves
Prospect Pity Pool Pyramids Public Health Laboratory Building Paruvaazuge Pink Coral
Parindhaage Pareevaar Parisge Parkaru House Peach Pool Bahaar
Pool Bahaaru Aage Polgaha Villa Progresive Center Pool Dream Palmeyra Pheasant
Pisces Penzee Villa Pleasant Villa Paruvaanaage Perismaa Plate
Paris Lodge Pink Villa Progress Power House Poonaa Peeliyan