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Country Codes

Maldives has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:MV
  • Country ISO A3 code:MDV
  • Country ISO number:462
  • Currency Code:MVR
  • Currency Code number:462
  • Calling Code:+960

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Oyaagiri Oslo Oyenaashi Olive Orchid Orchid Lodge
Orchidmaage Ogaru Ogaruge Ogaruge No. 1 Oliester Oxidental Villa
Ocean Mead Ocean Star Orange Ge Oceanic Store No. 1 Fihaara Oak Wood Onuhiri
Orchid Plaza Oyster Olhuveli Onu Oaran Oliveenaa
Onix Opera Oshanigasdhoshuge Osprey Orchid House Olhuvaali
Orchidge Oadens Ottaru Ocean Star Aage Ocean Store Oivaali
Onoda Oarumaan Ocean Reed Oden Avenue Olhali Orchard Plaza
Orchid Vaadhee Ostrich Oceanic Villa Olhuha Okkafage Oak Leaf
Oagam Oriental Plaza Omadhoo Fannu Office of Commissioner of Elections Olienter Osaka
Oasis Oasis Villa Olhufalhu Olhugiri Orion Oping Sun
Ocean Valley Ocean Veli Ocean Villa Oakum Oceania Okara
Omadhoo Olympia Orchid Villa Ocean Breeze Olhitherige Orchard
Orchard No. 1 Orchard No. 2 Orchard No. 3 Orchard No. 4 Oshanimaage Oxford
Olhufehi Oak Villa Onuthoorige Olhufushi Othuveel Ocean Lead
Ocean Way Odeon Oivaru Olympus Ontario Ozone
Orient House Oceanic Store No. 3 Fihaara Omega Olhufas Orchid Villa Aage Oidhuni
Onigandu Olhi Oli Orbit Villa Orchid Flower Orchid Magu 2/44 Fihaara
Orchid Magu 4/42 Fihaara Orchid Magu 5/42 Fihaara Orchid Magu 5/43 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 11 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 12 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 13 Fihaara
Orchid Magu No. 14 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 19 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 20 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 21 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 22 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 23 Fihaara
Orchid Magu No. 24 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 5 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 8 Fihaara Orchid Magu No. 9 Fihaara Odessaa Oasis View
Oikolhuge Opal Olhahali Olhahali Villa Ooty Oikuri
Oliver Green Option Ocean Green Olhuvelifushi