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Country Codes

South Korea has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:KR
  • Country ISO A3 code:KOR
  • Country ISO number:410
  • Currency Code:KRW
  • Currency Code number:410
  • Calling Code:+82

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Postal Code for South Korea

Click on the city to list all of it's postal codes. Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.

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Sujeong 1(il)-dong Sujeong 2(i)-dong Sujeong 4(sa)-dong Sujeong 5(o)-dong Sujeong-dong Sajig 1(il)-dong
Sajig 2(i)-dong Sajig 3(sam)-dong Sajik-dong Suan-dong Saenggok-dong Seongbuk-dong
Sikman-dong Sinho-dong Songjeong-dong Seo 1(il)-dong Seo 2(i)-dong Seo 3(sam)-dong
Seo-dong Seon-dong Seokdae-dong Sinchang-dong Sinchangdong 1(il)-ga Sinchangdong 2(i)-ga
Sinchangdong 3(sam)-ga Sinchangdong 4(sa)-ga Sinpyeong 1(il)-dong Sinpyeong 2(i)-dong Sinpyeong-dong Samrak-dong
Seodaesindong 1(il)-ga Seodaesindong 2(i)-ga Seodaesindong 3(sam)-ga Suyeong-dong Sinseon-dong Sinseondong 1(il)-ga
Sinseondong 2(i)-ga Sinseondong 3(sam)-ga Samseung-myeon Sanoe-myeon Sokrisan-myeon Suhan-myeon
Salmi-myeon Sancheok-myeon Seongnae-dong Seongnam-dong Seongseo-dong Sinni-myeon
Sotae-myeon Suanbo-myeon Saenggeuk-myeon Samseong-myeon Soi-myeon Sari-myeon
Sosu-myeon Sachang-dong Sangsin-dong Sannam-dong Seocheongjuucheguksaseoham Seochon-dong
Seokgok-dong Seokso-dong Seonghwa-dong Sinbong-dong Sinchon-dong Sindae-dong
Sinjeon-dong Sinseong-dong Songjeol-dong Sugog 1(il)-dong Sugog 2(i)-dong Sugok-dong
Suui-dong Sangok-dong Seobu-dong Sin-dong Sinbaek-dong Sinwol-dong
Songhak-myeon Susan-myeon Sacheon-dong Sanseong-dong Seokgyo-dong Seomun-dong
Seoun-dong Su-dong Sangchon-myeon Simcheon-myeon Seonjang-myeon Sinchang-myeon
Sinin-dong Sirok-dong Songak-myeon Seongju-myeon Sinheuk-dong Sedo-myeon
Seokseong-myeon Seokmun-myeon Sinpyeong-myeon Songsan-myeon Sunseong-myeon Samryong-dong
Seonghwang-dong Seongnam-myeon Sinbang-dong Sinbu-dong Susin-myeon Sagok-myeon
Sangwang-dong Singi-dong Singwan-dong Sinpung-myeon Sohak-dong Ssangsin-dong
Seobu-myeon Sangwol-myeon Seongdong-myeon Seonggeo-eup Seonghwan-eup Seongjeong 1(il)-dong
Seongjeong 2(i)-dong Seongjeong-dong Seongseong-dong Sindang-dong Ssangyong 1(il)-dong Ssangyong 2(i)-dong
Ssangyong 3(sam)-dong Ssangyong-dong Seo-myeon Seocheon-eup Sicho-myeon Seoknam-dong
Seokrim-dong Seongyeon-myeon Seosanucheguksaseoham Suseok-dong Sowon-myeon Sojeong-myeon
Sapgyo-eup Sinam-myeon Sinyang-myeon Sangyeog 1(il)-dong Sangyeog 2(i)-dong Sangyeog 3(sam)-dong
Sangyeog 4(sa)-dong Sangyeok-dong Sasu-dong Seobyeon-dong Sangin 1(il)-dong Sangin 2(i)-dong
Sangin 3(sam)-dong Sangin-dong Seongdang 1(il)-dong Seongdang 2(i)-dong Seongdang-dong Songhyeon 1(il)-dong
Songhyeon 2(i)-dong Songhyeon-dong Sabok-dong Sangmae-dong Seoho-dong Sinam 1(il)-dong
Sinam 2(i)-dong Sinam 3(sam)-dong Sinam 4(sa)-dong Sinam 5(o)-dong Sinam-dong Sincheon 2(i)-dong
Sincheon 3(sam)-dong Sincheon 4(sa)-dong Sincheon-dong Sinmu-dong Sinseo-dong Sinyong-dong
Sukcheon-dong Sail-dong Samdeokdong 1(il)-ga Samdeokdong 2(i)-ga Samdeokdong 3(sam)-ga Sangdeok-dong
Sangseo-dong Seomunro 1(il)-ga Seomunro 2(i)-ga Seonae-dong Seoseongro 1(il)-ga Seoseongro 2(i)-ga
Seoya-dong Sijangbugno Suchang-dong Sangri-dong Seodaeguucheguksaseoham Samdeok-dong
Sang-dong Sawol-dong Seong-dong Siji-dong Sinmae-dong Suseongdong 1(il)-ga
Suseongdong 2(i)-ga Suseongdong 3(sam)-ga Suseongdong 4(sa)-ga Samjeong-dong Seokbong-dong Sinil-dong
Sintanjin-dong Songchon-dong Samgoe-dong Samseong-dong Sangso-dong Saseong-dong
Secheon-dong Sinan-dong Sinha-dong Sinheung-dong Sinsang-dong Soho-dong
Soje-dong Sajeong-dong Seodaejeonucheguksaseoham Seonhwa-dong Samcheon-dong Sanjik-dong
Sangdae-dong Se-dong Songgang-dong Sunam-dong Sabuk-myeon Sanong-dong
Seoksa-dong Sinbug-eup Sindong-myeon Songam-dong Soyangro 1(il)-ga Soyangro 2(i)-ga
Soyangro 3(sam)-ga Soyangro 4(sa)-ga Samhwa-dong Simgok-dong Swaeun-dong Sacheon-myeon
Seongsan-myeon Sinseok-dong Seowon-myeon Seoseok-myeon Sanae-myeon Sangseo-myeon
Sangnam-myeon Seohwa-myeon Sabug-eup Sindong-eup Samcheogucheguksaseoham Singi-myeon
Seorak-dong Sokchoucheguksaseoham Samsu-dong Sangjang-dong Sangsami-dong Sodo-dong
Sinrim-myeon Socho-myeon Sonyang-myeon Sangdong-eup Suju-myeon Saengyong-dong
Samgak-dong Sansu 1(il)-dong Sansu 2(i)-dong Sansu-dong Seongyo-dong Seoseok-dong
Sotae-dong Sugi-dong Saho-dong Samdo-dong Samgeo-dong Sanjeong-dong
Sanmak-dong Sanwol-dong Seobong-dong Seonam-dong Singa-dong Sinryong-dong
Sochon-dong Songchi-dong Songdae-dong Songhak-dong Songjeong 1(il)-dong Songjeong 2(i)-dong
Songsan-dong Ssangam-dong Suwan-dong Sa-dong Seokjeong-dong Seungchon-dong
Sinjang-dong Songha-dong Sangmu 1(il)-dong Sangmu 2(i)-dong Sangmu-dong Seha-dong
Seochang-dong Seogwangjuucheguksaseoham Ssangchon-dong Sagok-dong Samjuk-myeon Seoin-dong
Seoun-myeon Singeonji-dong Sinmosan-dong Sinsohyeon-dong Sungin-dong Sampyeong-dong
Seogun-dong Seohyeon-dong Seongnambundangucheguksaseoham Seongnamupyeonjipjungguksaseoham Sunae-dong Samga-dong
Seonbu 1(il)-dong Seonbu 2(i)-dong Seonbu 3(sam)-dong Seonbu-dong Seongam-dong Seonggok-dong
Singil-dong Samsong-dong Seongsa 1(il)-dong Seongsa 2(i)-dong Seongsa-dong Seonyu-dong
Sinwon-dong Saengyeon 1(il)-dong Saengyeon 2(i)-dong Saengyeon-dong Sangbongam-dong Sangpae-dong
Songnae-dong Sang-myeon Seorak-myeon Sanggal-dong Sangha-dong Seocheon-dong
Singal-dong Sau-dong Sanbon 1(il)-dong Sanbon 2(i)-dong Sanbon-dong Sokdal-dong
Suri-dong Sano-dong Sutaeg 1(il)-dong Sutaeg 2(i)-dong Sutaeg 3(sam)-dong Sutaek-dong
Sam-dong Silchon-eup Ssangryeong-dong Soha 1(il)-dong Soha 2(i)-dong Soha-dong
Seodun-dong Seryu 1(il)-dong Seryu 2(i)-dong Seryu 3(sam)-dong Seryu-dong Sangsachang-dong
Sangsangok-dong Sinjang 1(il)-dong Sinjang 2(i)-dong Seogu-dong Seosin-myeon Si-dong
Sinnam-dong Sinoe-dong Songrim-dong Suhwa-dong Saeum-dong Seolseong-myeon
Sindun-myeon Sanhwang-dong Sarihyeon-dong Seolmun-dong Seongseok-dong Siksa-dong
Sanggwanggyo-dong Songjuk-dong Suwonucheguksaseoham Sangdaewon 1(il)-dong Sangdaewon 2(i)-dong Sangdaewon 3(sam)-dong
Sangdaewon-dong Seoanyangucheguksaseoham Seoksu 1(il)-dong Seoksu 2(i)-dong Seoksu 3(sam)-dong Seoksu-dong
Sampae-dong Sudong-myeon Segyo-dong Seorang-dong Sucheong-dong Sinpung-dong
Seondan-dong Seorun-dong Sinbuk-myeon Sineup-dong Soheur-eup Seojeong-dong
Seotan-myeon Songtanucheguksaseoham Sosa-dong Sa 1(il)-dong Sa 2(i)-dong Sa 3(sam)-dong
Sasa-dong Seongpo-dong Suam-dong Sanhyeon-dong Siheungucheguksaseoham Simgokbon 1(il)-dong
Simgokbon-dong Songnae 1(il)-dong Songnae 2(i)-dong Sosabon 1(il)-dong Sosabon 2(i)-dong Sosabon 3(sam)-dong
Sosabon-dong Sangjeok-dong Sasong-dong Seongnamucheguksaseoham Siheung-dong Sinheung 1(il)-dong
Sinheung 2(i)-dong Sinheung 3(sam)-dong Sujin 1(il)-dong Sujin 2(i)-dong Sujin-dong Sanghyeon 1(il)-dong
Sanghyeon 2(i)-dong Sanghyeon-dong Seongbok-dong Singog 1(il)-dong Singog 2(i)-dong Singok-dong
Sang 1(il)-dong Sang 2(i)-dong Sang 3(sam)-dong Simgog 1(il)-dong Simgog 2(i)-dong Simgog 3(sam)-dong
Samsung-dong Sanbuk-dong Seojong-myeon Sanbuk-myeon Sinseo-myeon Samsan-dong
Sanga-dong Seohu-myeon Seokdong-dong Sinse-dong Songcheon-dong Suha-dong
Susang-dong Sangun-myeon Seokpo-myeon Socheon-myeon Sangwon-dong Singwang-myeon
Songra-myeon Seokjeog-eup Sineum-dong Ssangrim-myeon Sandong-myeon Sangmo-dong
Seongi-dong Seonsan-eup Simi-dong Sujeom-dong Sanseong-myeon Sobo-myeon
Sannae-myeon Seoak-dong Seokjang-dong Seongdong-dong Seonggeon-dong Sirae-dong
Songok-dong Sambuk-dong Samnam-dong Sampung-dong Sangbang-dong Seosang-dong
Singyo-dong Sanyang-myeon Sangdo-dong Songdo-dong Sabeol-myeon Sangjuucheguksaseoham
Seogok-dong Seongha-dong Seoseong-dong Seongju-eup Seonnam-myeon Suryun-myeon
Sangri-myeon Seosan-dong Sinnyeong-myeon Ssanggye-dong Sangjul-dong Sangmang-dong
Sunheung-myeon Seokbo-myeon Subi-myeon Sahwa-dong Samdong-dong Samjeongja-dong
Sangbok-dong Sangnam-dong Sapa-dong Sapajeong-dong Sarim-dong Seongju-dong
Seongsan-dong Sodap-dong Sogye-dong Sinwon-myeon Sadeung-myeon Sangdong-dong
Suwol-dong Saengrim-myeon Sambang-dong Samgye-dong Sangdong-myeon Samsan-myeon
Sanin-myeon Seoha-myeon Seosang-myeon Samga-myeon Ssangbaek-myeon Ssangchaek-myeon
Seojung-dong Seok-dong Sokcheon-dong Sudo-dong Susong-dong Sabong-myeon
Sangbong-dong Sangbongdong-dong Sangbongseo-dong Sangdae 1(il)-dong Sangdae 2(i)-dong Sangpyeong-dong
Sugok-myeon Sangnam 1(il)-dong Sangnam 2(i)-dong Sanho-dong Seokjeon 1(il)-dong Seokjeon 2(i)-dong
Seokjeon-dong Seongho-dong Sinpodong 1(il)-ga Sinpodong 2(i)-ga Suseong-dong Sammun-dong
Samrangjin-eup Samdong-myeon Sangju-myeon Seolcheon-myeon Sacheon-eup Sadeung-dong
Samcheonpoucheguksaseoham Sanam-myeon Seogeum-dong Seongu-dong Seopo-myeon Sinbyeok-dong
Sinsu-dong Siran-dong Songpo-dong Saengbiryang-myeon Saengcho-myeon Samjang-myeon
Sancheong-eup Sicheon-myeon Sinan-myeon Sindeung-myeon Sanyang-eup Saryang-myeon
Samho-dong Sangbuk-myeon Soju-dong Samsan 1(il)-dong Samsan 2(i)-dong Sangog 1(il)-dong
Sangog 2(i)-dong Sangog 3(sam)-dong Sangog 4(sa)-dong Sipjeong 1(il)-dong Sipjeong 2(i)-dong Sipjeong-dong
Songhyeon 3(sam)-dong Songrim 1(il)-dong Songrim 2(i)-dong Songrim 3(sam)-dong Songrim 4(sa)-dong Songrim 5(o)-dong
Songrim 6(yuk)-dong Seodo-myeon Seonwon-myeon Songhae-myeon Sangya-dong Seonjuji-dong
Seonrin-dong Sinheungdong 1(il)-ga Sinheungdong 2(i)-ga Sinheungdong 3(sam)-ga Sinpo-dong Sinsaeng-dong
Songhakdong 1(il)-ga Songhakdong 2(i)-ga Songhakdong 3(sam)-ga Songwoldong 1(il)-ga Songwoldong 2(i)-ga Songwoldong 3(sam)-ga
Sungui 1(il)-dong Sungui 2(i)-dong Sungui 3(sam)-dong Sungui 4(sa)-dong Sungui-dong Susan-dong
Seoincheonucheguksaseoham Seoknam 1(il)-dong Seoknam 2(i)-dong Seoknam 3(sam)-dong Sicheon-dong Sinhyeon-dong
Seonhak-dong Samdo 1(il)-dong Samdo 2(i)-dong Samyang 1(il)-dong Samyang 2(i)-dong Samyang 3(sam)-dong
Samyang-dong Saekdal-dong Sanghyo-dong Sangye-dong Seogwi-dong Seogwipoucheguksaseoham
Seohong-dong Seongsan-eup Sinhyo-dong Seongdeok-dong Songcheondong 1(il)-ga Songcheondong 2(i)-ga
Seoam-dong Seongdeok-myeon Sindeok-dong Sun-dong Sangha-myeon Seongnae-myeon
Seongsong-myeon Simwon-myeon Samhak-dong Seoheungnam-dong Seonyang-dong Seosu-myeon
Sinyeong-dong Songchang-dong Songpung-dong Soryong-dong Samgi-myeon Seogam-dong
Seogwang-dong Seoktan-dong Seongdang-myeon Samgye-myeon Seongsu-myeon Sindeok-myeon
Sanseo-myeon Sigi 3(sam)-dong Sigi-dong Sinjeong-dong Sintaein-eup Soseong-myeon
Sangjeon-myeon Samae-myeon Sikjeong-dong Songdong-myeon Ssanggyo-dong Suji-myeon
Ssangchi-myeon Sunchang-eup Samrye-eup Sanggwan-myeon Soyang-myeon Saekjang-dong
Samcheondong 1(il)-ga Samcheondong 2(i)-ga Samcheondong 3(sam)-ga Sangrim-dong Seokgu-dong Seonosong-dong
Seoseohak-dong Seosin-dong Seowansandong 1(il)-ga Seowansandong 2(i)-ga Subuk-myeon Seongjeon-myeon
Sinjeon-myeon Seokgok-myeon Sani-myeon Songji-myeon Sonbul-myeon Samseo-myeon
Seosam-myeon Sangrak-dong Sangrakdong 1(il)-ga Sangrakdong 2(i)-ga Sanjeong 1(il)-dong Sanjeong 2(i)-dong
Sanjeong 3(sam)-dong Seokhyeon-dong Sugang-dong Sugangdong 1(il)-ga Sugangdong 2(i)-ga Samhyang-myeon
Samyeong-dong Sanpo-myeon Seji-myeon Seongbukdongucheguksaseoham Songwol-dong Sinui-myeon
Saengmok-dong Sangsa-myeon Seungju-eup Songgwang-myeon Suncheonucheguksaseoham Saengil-myeon
Sinji-myeon Soan-myeon Samho-eup Seoho-myeon Sijong-myeon Sangam-dong
Seogyo-dong Seonwon-dong Sijeon-dong Sora-myeon Ssangmun 1(il)-dong Ssangmun 2(i)-dong
Ssangmun 3(sam)-dong Ssangmun 4(sa)-dong Ssangmun-dong Seoulcheongryangucheguksaseoham Sinseol-dong Sadang 1(il)-dong
Sadang 2(i)-dong Sadang 3(sam)-dong Sadang 4(sa)-dong Sadang 5(o)-dong Sadang-dong Sangdo 1(il)-dong
Sangdo 2(i)-dong Sangdo 3(sam)-dong Sangdo 4(sa)-dong Sangdo 5(o)-dong Seouldongjagucheguksaseoham Sindaebang 1(il)-dong
Sindaebang 2(i)-dong Sindaebang-dong Seoureunpyeongucheguksaseoham Sinsa 1(il)-dong Sinsa 2(i)-dong Sinsa-dong
Susaek-dong Samgaksan-dong Seoulgangbugucheguksaseoham Songjung-dong Suyu 1(il)-dong Suyu 2(i)-dong
Suyu 3(sam)-dong Suyu-dong Sangil-dong Seongnae 1(il)-dong Seongnae 2(i)-dong Seongnae 3(sam)-dong
Seoulgangdongucheguksaseoham Samseong 1(il)-dong Samseong 2(i)-dong Segok-dong Seoulgangnamucheguksaseoham Seouryeongdongucheguksaseoham
Suseo-dong Seoulgangseoucheguksaseoham Seoulhwagogucheguksaseoham Seoulgeumcheonucheguksaseoham Siheung 1(il)-dong Siheung 2(i)-dong
Siheung 3(sam)-dong Siheung 4(sa)-dong Siheung 5(o)-dong Sindorim-dong Seonghyeon-dong Seorim-dong
Seoulgwanagucheguksaseoham Seowon-dong Sinrim-dong Seoulgwangjinucheguksaseoham Sagan-dong Samcheong-dong
Sejongno Seorin-dong Sinmunro 1(il)-ga Sinmunro 2(i)-ga Sogyeok-dong Sungin 1(il)-dong
Sungin 2(i)-dong Sanrim-dong Seosomun-dong Sindang 1(il)-dong Sindang 2(i)-dong Sindang 3(sam)-dong
Sindang 4(sa)-dong Sindang 5(o)-dong Sindang 6(yuk)-dong Sogong-dong Ssangrim-dong Sunhwa-dong
Supyo-dong Sangbong 1(il)-dong Sangbong 2(i)-dong Seouljungrangucheguksaseoham Sinnae 1(il)-dong Sinnae 2(i)-dong
Sinnae-dong Sangsu-dong Seongsan 1(il)-dong Seongsan 2(i)-dong Seoulmapoucheguksaseoham Singongdeok-dong
Sanggye 1(il)-dong Sanggye 10(sip)-dong Sanggye 2(i)-dong Sanggye 3.4-dong Sanggye 5(o)-dong Sanggye 6.7-dong
Sanggye 8(pal)-dong Sanggye 9(gu)-dong Sanggye-dong Seoulnowonucheguksaseoham Seocho 1(il)-dong Seocho 2(i)-dong
Seocho 3(sam)-dong Seocho 4(sa)-dong Seocho-dong Seoulseochoucheguksaseoham Seodaemunucheguksaseoham Seoulchungjeongroucheguksaseoham
Samseondong 1(il)-ga Samseondong 2(i)-ga Samseondong 3(sam)-ga Samseondong 4(sa)-ga Samseondong 5(o)-ga Sangwolgok-dong
Seokgwan-dong Seongbukdong 1(il)-ga Seoulseongbugucheguksaseoham Sageun-dong Sangwangsipri-dong Seongsu ga 1(il)-dong
Seongsu ga 2(i)-dong Seongsu ga 3(sam)-dong Seongsudong 1(il)-ga Seongsudong 2(i)-ga Seoulseongdongucheguksaseoham Samjeon-dong
Seokchon-dong Seoulsongpaucheguksaseoham Songpa 1(il)-dong Songpa 2(i)-dong Songpa-dong Seouryangcheonucheguksaseoham
Sinjeong 1(il)-dong Sinjeong 2(i)-dong Sinjeong 3(sam)-dong Sinjeong 4(sa)-dong Sinjeong 6(yuk)-dong Sinjeong 7(chil)-dong
Sinwor 1(il)-dong Sinwor 2(i)-dong Sinwor 3(sam)-dong Sinwor 4(sa)-dong Sinwor 5(o)-dong Sinwor 6(yuk)-dong
Sinwor 7(chil)-dong Singir 1(il)-dong Singir 3(sam)-dong Singir 4(sa)-dong Singir 5(o)-dong Singir 6(yuk)-dong
Singir 7(chil)-dong Sancheon-dong Seobinggo-dong Seogye-dong Seourupyeonjipjungguksaseoham Seouryongsanucheguksaseoham
Singye-dong Sangan-dong Sanha-dong Sinmyeong-dong Sirye-dong Seongan-dong
Sanggae-dong Sinjeong 5(o)-dong Samnam-myeon Seosaeng-myeon