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This page is designed to help you find the Postal Code or Zip Code of a certain city. Select the first letter of the country you want to search the postal code or zip code. Then select the country and select the first letter of the city you want to find, the city and you will see all zip codes for this city.

Country Codes

Japan has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:JP
  • Country ISO A3 code:JPN
  • Country ISO number:392
  • Currency Code:JPY
  • Currency Code number:392
  • Calling Code:+81

Postal Code Search - Japan

Postal Code for Japan

Click on the city to list all of it's postal codes. Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.

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Uami Ubadutsumi Ubafukuro Ubafutokoro Ubaga Ubagaenoki
Ubagafutokoro Ubagahashi Ubagai Ubagakita Ubagami Ubaganishi
Ubagashitaotsu Ubagateranomae Ubagatōzai Ubagawa Ubagayama Ubaguchi
Ubaishi Ubajima Ubako Ubakoishi Ubakoyama Ubara
Ubaranai Ubasawa Ubasawashinden Ubashima Ubashimashinden Ubayachi
Ubayagi Ubayama Ubayanagi Ubazawa Ube Ubetsu
Ubu Ubuka Ubukuji Ubume Ubushi Ubushina
Ubuyama Ubuyu Ubuyugawa Uchi Uchiage Uchiageminami
Uchiagemiyamae Uchiagemoto Uchiagenaka Uchiageshin Uchiagetakatsuka Uchiawaji
Uchibaba Uchibama Uchibari Uchibo Uchibori Uchida
Uchidabashi Uchidachō (Hiyakumanki) Uchidachō (Iwamikūkō) Uchidachō (Sonota) Uchidahigashi Uchidate
Uchide Uchidehama Uchidehon Uchidekoduchi Uchidōji Uchidomari
Uchidono Uchiduma Uchiebisawamichinokami Uchiebisawamukai Uchifukata Uchigaeshi
Uchigahara Uchigamae Uchigami Uchigashima Uchigō Uchigōkōya
Uchigōma Uchigomagari Uchigōmidaisakai Uchigōmimaya Uchigōmiya Uchigōojima
Uchigōri Uchigoshi Uchigoshinden Uchigōshiramizu Uchigōtakasaka Uchigōtsudura
Uchigōuchi Uchigui Uchihama Uchihana Uchihara Uchihashi (Sonota)
Uchihashi 790 - 1 (Tanotsudanchi) Uchihata Uchihirano Uchihisumi Uchiho Uchihon
Uchiide Uchiideshin Uchiike Uchijima Uchijiro Uchijuku
Uchikado Uchikamado Uchikanda Uchikanna Uchikata Uchikatashinbo
Uchikawa Uchikawaasaminai Uchikawakurotsuchi Uchikawaogura Uchikawara Uchikawashinden
Uchikawayunomata Uchiko Uchikoshi Uchikubo Uchikurashinden Uchikuroda
Uchikurose Uchikyūhōji Uchima Uchimaki Uchimanpe Uchimaru
Uchimatsukawa Uchimi Uchiminowa Uchimiya Uchimodori Uchimoriya
Uchimoriyamachikinunosato Uchinagaya Uchinaka Uchinakabara Uchinari Uchindai
Uchino Uchinodai Uchinodonakasai Uchinohayatsuno Uchinohongō Uchinokamishin
Uchinokatabata Uchinokatamukai Uchinokawa Uchinomaki Uchinonakahama Uchinonishi
Uchinonyū Uchinosakiyama Uchinosekiba Uchinoyama Uchinoyamate Uchinuma
Uchinumaoki Uchio Uchiomote Uchiomotehigashi Uchiondō Uchiōno
Uchiotomo Uchisaiwai Uchisaka Uchisange Uchiseto Uchishimami
Uchisugawa Uchita Uchitagaya Uchitakamatsu Uchitani Uchitate
Uchitsuboi Uchiuma Uchiumi Uchiura Uchiurakōmi Uchiuramito
Uchiuranagahama Uchiuranago Uchiuraomosu Uchiurashigedera Uchiwara Uchiya
Uchiyaji Uchiyakuden Uchiyama Uchiyamada Uchiyamanashi Uchiyashiki
Uchiyodo Uchizatoanagadani Uchizatoangoshiba Uchizatoareba Uchizatobetsushiyo Uchizatōchi
Uchizatofurutameike Uchizatogokurakubashi Uchizatohigashinokuchi Uchizatohigashiyamakawa Uchizatohirao Uchizatohyūgadō
Uchizatokakidani Uchizatokawara Uchizatokitanokuchi Uchizatokitanoyama Uchizatomatsugasoto Uchizatominaminokuchi
Uchizatomiyanomae Uchizatonakajima Uchizatonishiyamakawa Uchizatōnnadani Uchizatōotani Uchizatosugai
Uchizatosunada Uchizatosunahata Uchizatotatsuminokuchi Uchizatotonbojiri Uchizaya Uchūdani
Uda Udagawa Udagawara Udai Udaka Udamori
Udani Udeduka Udo Udogane Udogoe Udohon
Udomari Udono Udoriakudo Udorigawara Udōsaka Udōzaka
Udu Udue Udui Uduto Udutsui Ue
Uearata Uebara Uebaru Uebayashi Uebō Uebuse
Uechi Ueda Ueda (1-4 chōme, kitayama) Ueda (Sonota) Uedahara Uedahigashi
Uedahon Uedai Uedaira Uedake Uedaminami Uedanaka
Uedani Uedanishi Uedashi Uedattsumi Uedayama Uedomachijishiya
Uedomachikitagata Uedomachiminamigata Uegahara 1 ban Uegahara 10 ban Uegahara 2 ban Uegahara 3 ban
Uegahara 4 ban Uegahara 5 ban Uegahara 6 ban Uegahara 7 ban Uegahara 8 ban Uegahara 9 ban
Uegaharayamada Uegaharayamate Uegawa Uego Uegoyata Ueguri
Uegusuku Uehara Uehata Uehatta Uehigashi Uehira
Uehon Uehonmachinishi Ueikeda Ueji Uejima Uejō
Uekami Uekanita Uekari Ueki Uekino Uekita
Uekoga Uekuchi Uekusa Uema Uematsu Uematsuchō (Shōmendōrinishinotōinnishiiru, nishino
Ueminami Uemine Uemura Uenae Uenakano Uenashi
Uenbetsu Uene Uenishi Uennai Ueno Ueno (Koyaba, sannokyūhara)
Uenoaioi Uenoakasaka Uenoarazato Uenoatago Uenodai Uenodaira
Uenodōri Uenoebisu Uenōeno Uenofukui Uenogaoka Uenogaokahigashi
Uenogaokanishi Uenogenba Uenogoshiyonōchi Uenohara Uenoharachishinden Uenoharu
Uenohigashi Uenohigashihinata Uenohon Uenohongō Uenohonmachishin Uenoike
Uenoiyo Uenoji Uenokaji Uenokatahara Uenokawachi Uenokawara
Uenokaya Uenokodama Uenokōen Uenokonya Uenokōsaka Uenokurumazaka
Uenokuwa Uenomaru Uenomarunōchi Uenominami Uenomiya Uenomiyaguni
Uenomukaijima Uenomuro Uenonaka Uenonishi Uenonishihinata Uenonishiōte
Uenono 39 chiwari Uenonobaru Uenonōnin Uenōo Uenosaka Uenosakuragi
Uenosannonishi Uenoshiba Uenoshibamukōgaoka Uenoshimokōsaka Uenoshin Uenoshinden
Uenoshinobi Uenosono Uenotabata Uenotaira Uenoteppō Uenotera
Uenoterai Uenotokui Uenoya Uenoyama Uenoyamachōmaguchi Uenoyamachōyamahata
Uenoyamada Uenoyamadai Uenoyorozu Ueshi Ueshimo Ueshio
Uesono Uesugi Uesumiyoshi Ueta Uetabaru Uetake
Uetayahon Uetayahonmurashinden Uetetechina Uetsuki Uetsukihigashi Uetsukikita
Uetsukinaka Ueuchi Ueyada Ueyama Ueyasu Ueyasuhigashi
Ueyoko Ueyonabaru Uezakura Uezu Ufudō Ugaike
Ugarasu Ugari Ugase Ugaura Ugawa Uge
Ugōda Ugu Uguhara Ugui Uguikawa Uguisu
Uguisudai Uguisudani Uguisugaoka Uguisunomori Uguisuzaki Uguisuzawafukuro
Uguisuzawakitagō Uguisuzawanangō Uguiurachō (Kamiroku) Uguiurachō (Kitoke) Uguiurachō (Minamimaeshinden) Uguiurachō (Nakaroku)
Uguiurachō (Nishimaeshinden) Uguiurachō (Shimoroku) Uguiurachō (Sonota) Ugurusu Ugusu Uhachirōuke
Uhara Uheeshinden Uho Ui Uigoke Uingutsuchiya
Uitani Ujabushita Ujama Ujaura Uji Ujichōanada
Ujichōhongō Ujichōtōbara Ujichōuji Ujie Ujifukuro Ujigamimae
Ujiguchi Ujiie Ujiieshinden Ujiimazaike Ujiki Ujima
Ujina Ujinahigashi Ujinakaigan Ujinakanda Ujinakanokiri Ujinamiyuki
Ujinanishi Ujinori Ujishin Ujitachi Ujiteppōba Ujiurata
Uka Ukaduka Ukagawa Ukai Ukanchōkamiukan Ukanchōukan
Ukano Ukashima Ukashō Ukawa Uke Ukeamuro
Ukechi Ukedo Ukegahara Ukekata Uken Ukenotani
Ukeoishinden Ukeri Uki Ukibuchi Ukida Ukiduka
Ukigai Ukigane Ukihamachiasada Ukihamachifurukawa Ukihamachihigashikumanōe Ukihamachiimogawa
Ukihamachikojio Ukihamachimiharu Ukihamachinagarekawa Ukihamachiniikawa Ukihamachinishikumanōe Ukihamachitagomori
Ukihamachitakami Ukihamachiukiha Ukihamachiyamakita Ukihashi Ukijima Ukima
Ukino Ukinojō Ukishima Ukishiro Ukisu Ukita
Ukitsu Ukitsu 1 ban Ukitsu 2 ban Ukitsu 3 ban Ukiya Ukiyanagi
Ukonjirō Ukonyama Ukumachiiira Ukumachikoba Ukumachikōnōra Ukumachimotoiira
Ukumachinogata Ukumachiobama Ukumachiōdae Ukumachiōkubo Ukumachitaira Ukumachiterashima
Ukyō Ukyōduka Uma Umaagesawa Umaaraiba Umada
Umadani Umagajō Umagaki Umagami Umaganji Umagoe
Umagoenibankōchi Umahikizawa Umaichi Umaike Umaji Umajiri
Umaki Umakubi Umamachishita Umamachiura Umami Umamichi
Umamiduka Umamikita Umamiminami Umaminaka Umani Umanōe
Umanose Umaoi Umaoigenya Umaokoshi Umashima Umashino
Umasute Umatate Umate Umawatari Umaya Umayado
Umaze Ume Umebara Umebashi Umebayashi Umeda
Umedahon Umedaira Umedani Umedo Umedu Umedudan
Umedūeda Umedufukenokawa Umedufushihara Umedugotō Umeduhayashikuchi Umeduhigashikamaeguchi
Umeduhiraki Umeduishinada Umedukamaeguchi Umedukanda Umedukita Umedukitagawa
Umedukitaura Umedumaeda Umeduminami Umeduminamihiro Umeduminamiueda Umedunakakura
Umedunakamura Umedunishiura Umeduōnawaba Umedusakamoto Umedushirimizo Umedutakaze
Umedutokumaru Umeduttsumikami Umeduttsumishita Umegae Umegaen Umegahama
Umegahara Umegaharasakae Umegahatafuruta Umegahatagoshiyonoguchi Umegahatahata Umegahatahatanoshita
Umegahatahikiji Umegahatahinokiyashiro Umegahatahiroshiba Umegahatainoshiri Umegahatakagari Umegahatakameishi
Umegahatakawanishi Umegahatakubotani Umegahatamakinō Umegahatamikyōsaka Umegahatamiyanokuchi Umegahatamukōnochi
Umegahatanakajima Umegahatanakanawate Umegahatanakata Umegahatanishinohata Umegahataokutono Umegahatasasaebe
Umegahatashimizu Umegahatashōbutani Umegahatatakahana Umegahatatakao Umegahatatoganō Umegahatatonohata
Umegahataueno Umegahataueto Umegahatayabunoshita Umegahatayamasaki Umegaka Umegane
Umegaoka Umegaokakita 1 ban Umegaokakita 2 ban Umegaokakita 3 ban Umegaokakita 4 ban Umegaokakita 5 ban
Umegaokaminami 1 ban Umegaokaminami 2 ban Umegaokaminami 3 ban Umegaokaminami 4 ban Umegaokaminami 5 ban Umegasaki
Umegashima Umegatani Umegatsubo Umegauchi Umegawa Umegaya
Umegi Umehara Umei Umeji Umejima Umekage
Umekawa Umekawachi Umeki Umekidaira Umekita Umekiurakōzan
Umekiurauchi Umekizaka Umekōjihigashi Umekōjihigashinaka Umekōjihon Umekōjiishibashi
Umekōjikashira Umekōjinishinaka Umekōjitakahata Umemidai Umeminamitabaru Umeminato
Umemitsu Umemiya Umemori Umemoridai Umemorizaka Umemorizakanishi
Umemoto Umemuro Umena Umenai Umeno Umenogō
Umenoki Umenokidanchi Umenokimae Umenomata Umenomiya Umenosato
Umenotsuji Umeōhira Umeonoichi Umesato Umesenzoku Umeshigeoka
Umeshiomizono Umeta Umetada Umetake Umetani Umetatemen
Umetsubo Umetsuki Umeura Umeya Umeyabu Umeyabunishi
Umeyachō (Fuyachōdōrinishikikōjiagaru, fuyachōdōri Umeyachō (Oikedōrikarasumahigashiiru, oikedōrihiga Umeyama Umezako Umezato Umezawa
Umezono Umezonodōri Umi Umibe Umiduka Umigami
Umihigashi Umijiri Uminai Uminokōen Uminokuchi Uminōra
Umiyama Umusa Unadukimachiaimotohashidumehigashikanrinchinai Unadukimachiaimotoshin Unadukimachiakebi Unadukimachidoyama
Unadukimachifunami Unadukimachikumano Unadukimachikurimushi Unadukimachinakadan Unadukimachinakanokuchi Unadukimachioritate
Unadukimachiotozawa (1-999) Unadukimachiotozawa (10 0 0 -) Unadukimachitochiya Unadukimachiuchiyama Unadukimachiurayama Unadukionsen
Unai Unaigafuchi Unami Unan Unane Unate
Unawa Unaya Unazawa Undōkōen Undōkōenchō (30 30 banchi) Undōkōenchō (Sonota)
Une Unebehigashi Unebenishi Unebi Uneda Unedahigashi
Unedanaka Unedanishi Unedori Unehara Uneichinono Uneme
Unemegaoka Unemure Unenarabara Uneno Uneyokō Unga
Unganji Ungatōri Uninaka Unnai Uno Unobe
Unodoriyachi Unoe Unogawa Unoike Unoke Unoki
Unoko Unomori Unōra Unosaki Unosato Unosawa
Unoshima Unotoro Unoya Unoyachō (Uenoyama) Unoyama Unozumai
Unpin Unryū Unten Untenbaru Untō Unuki
Unuma Unumaasahi Unumadai Unumadaianji Unumafuruichiba Unumahaba
Unumahigashi Unumahōshiyakuji Unumakakamigahara Unumakawasaki Unumakoigi Unumamanagoshi
Unumamaruko Unumaminami Unumamitsuike Unumanishi Unumaōigi Unumayamazaki
Unyū Uo Uochō (897 banchioyobinakajima 50 5-518 banchi) Uochō (Sonota) Uogaeri Uogashi
Uohama Uoichibamae Uomi Uono Uonoji Uonokawa
Uonomi Uonotana Uonuma Uoshimaichibankōchi Uoshimanibankōchi Uoshimasanbankōchi
Uosumazu Uoya Uozakihama Uozakikita Uozakiminami Uozakinaka
Uozakinishi Uozumichōchōhanji Uozumichōkamoike Uozumichōkanagasaki Uozumichōnakao Uozumichōnishikigaoka
Uozumichōnishioka Uozumichōshimizu Uozumichōsumiyoshi Uppurui Ura Urabe
Urabemurashinden Urada Uradashin Uradera Uradeyama Uradō
Uradōhon Uradome Urafune Urafuro Uraga Uragami
Uragamidai Uragaoka Uragara Uragawa Uragawachi Uragawarakuarishima
Uragawarakuhigashimata Uragawarakuhinata Uragawarakuhishida Uragawarakuhōjōji Uragawarakuiimuro Uragawarakuimaguma
Uragawarakuinnai Uragawarakuiwamuro Uragawarakukamabuchi Uragawarakukamigakino Uragawarakukamiinokoda Uragawarakukamioka
Uragawarakukenshōji Uragawarakukogamoda Uragawarakukoyajima Uragawarakukumazawa Uragawarakumuika Uragawarakumushigawa
Uragawarakunagahashiri Uragawarakunakainokoda Uragawarakuōtochiyama Uragawarakusakurashima Uragawarakushimogakino Uragawarakushimoinokoda
Uragawarakushinkōji Uragawarakusugitsubo Uragawarakutani Uragawarakutsubono Uragawarakuyamainnai Uragawarakuyamamoto
Uragawarakuyokokawa Uragawarakuyokozumi Uragi Uragō Uragoshi Uragoya
Uraguchi Urahara Urahatashinden Urainbe Uraiya Urajionji
Urajiri Urajuku Urakata Urakawadanchi Urakido Urakuwagō
Urama Urami Uramon Uramukai Uramukō Uramura
Uranashi Urano Uranōchifukura Uranōchihaigata Uranōchihigashibun (Otonashi sakauchi) Uranōchihigashibun (Sonota)
Uranōchiizumi Uranōchikongawauchi Uranōchinishibun Uranōchishimonakayama Uranōchishiwai Uranōchisunōra
Uranōchitachimesurugi Uranohama Uranoiri Uranokawa Uranomon Uraō
Uraozaki Urasa Urasaki Urasakura Urasato Urase
Urashi Urashibata Urashibetsu Urashima Urashimaoka Urashin
Urashinden Urashiro Urashō (Daiman) Urashō (Kamiura) Urashō (Kunizane) Urashō (Shimōra)
Urashō (Suwa) Urashyukuhama Urasoko Urasu Urasuda Urata
Uratakao Urato Uratohōjima Uratoishihama Uratokatsurashima Uratononoshima
Uratosabusawa Uratsu Uratsukiji Urausudai 1 Urausudai 2 Urausudai 3
Urausudai 4 Urausudai 5 Urausudai 6 Urausudai 7 Urausudai 8 Urawa
Urayakotan Urayama Urayamakaisaku Urayamaminami Urayamashin Urayasu
Urayasuhon Urayasuminami Urayasunishi Urayoko Ureishi Ureno
Urerigō Ureshi Ureshino Ureshinōeno Ureshinogogano Ureshinogongenmae
Ureshinōhara Ureshinohatta Ureshinohiro Ureshinohorinōchi Ureshinoichishi Ureshinoinōe
Ureshinoiwakura Ureshinokaminoki Ureshinokamiogawa Ureshinokamoda Ureshinokawagita Ureshinokawarakotsukuri
Ureshinokomura Ureshinokuroda Ureshinokurono Ureshinomachifudōyama Ureshinomachiiwayagawachi Ureshinomachishimojuku
Ureshinomachishimono Ureshinomachiyoshida Ureshinominaga Ureshinomiyako Ureshinomiyano Ureshinomorimoto
Ureshinonakagawa Ureshinonakagawashin Ureshinoniwanoshō Ureshinonoda Ureshinosanjiyo Ureshinoshimada
Ureshinoshimonoshō Ureshinosuka Ureshinosukariyō Ureshinotakinogawa Ureshinotamura Ureshinotengeeji
Ureshinotsuyajō Ureshinoyakuōji Ureshinoyaoroshi Uridura Urigō Urijima
Urikura Urimakuhigashi Urimakuminami Urimakunishi Uritsuboshinden Uriuchi
Uriudu Uriuno Uriwari Uriwarihigashi Uriwariminami Uriwarinishi
Uriya Uroko Urū Urube Uruchi Uruda
Urudu Uruenagane Uruenaganeshita Urugimuraichien Uruichi Uruido
Uruinnai Urūjima Urukubo Urumi Uruno Urushi
Urushibara Urushibata Urushido Urushigahana Urushigaitō Urushihara
Urushijima Urushijiyo Urushikawa Urushimoto Urushino Urushinokusa
Urushio Urushitani Urushitsuka Urushiwarakita Urushiyama urushizawa
urushizawakamimaeta urushizawakamitaira urushizawanakamaeta urushizawaōkubo urushizawashimomaeta urushizawashimotaira
urushizawatate Urushizone Uryū Uryūbara Uryūdō Uryūno
Uryūno (Shimohata) Uryūno (Sonota) Usa Usachōfukushima Usachōihama Usachōijiri
Usachōryū Usachōusa Usagidani Usaginai Usaginaikamihotozawa Usaginaishimohotozawa
Usaginaishimokawara Usaginaishimoyachi Usagisaku Usagishinden Usahigashi Usaida
Usaka Usakabetsushiyo Usakaōtani Usami Usaminami Usanagi
Ushiami Ushibora Ushibori Ushibuchi Ushibuka Ushibukuro
Ushibukurono Ushibumi Ushibushi Ushida Ushidani Ushidate
Ushidatōri Ushidera Ushiduchōkakihise Ushiduchōkamitogawa Ushiduchōkatsu Ushiduchōotoyanagi
Ushiduchōshimotogawa Ushiduchōushidu Ushiduma Ushiduru Ushigahara Ushigakubi
Ushigamase Ushigami Ushigamine Ushigasane Ushigase Ushigaseaoyagi
Ushigasedōden Ushigasehayashinomoto Ushigasekaharaguchi Ushigaseminaminokuchi Ushigasenishigaki Ushigaseokunobō
Ushigaseshindenbuke Ushigaseyamagaki Ushigaseyayoi Ushigashima Ushigashima (Washizu) Ushigata
Ushigayato Ushigi Ushigoe Ushigome Ushigometai Ushigura
Ushihama Ushii Ushiichi Ushiide Ushiiwa Ushiji
Ushijima Ushijimachō (Tsuginobiru.nozoku) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (1 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (10 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (11 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (12 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (13 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (14 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (15 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (16 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (17 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (18 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (19 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (2 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (20 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (21 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (22 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (23 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (24 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (25 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (26 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (27 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (28 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (29 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (3 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (30 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (31 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (32 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (33 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (34 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (35 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (36 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (37 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (38 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (39 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (4 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (40 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (5 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (6 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (7 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (8 kai) Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (9 kai)
Ushijimachōnagoyaru-sentotawa- (Chikai kaisōfumei) Ushijimahigashi Ushijimahon Ushijimaminami Ushijimanishi Ushijimashin
Ushikai Ushikawa Ushikawachō (Higashinakada) Ushikawachō (Ikeshita) Ushikawachō (Nishinakada) Ushikawachō (Norikōji)
Ushikawachō (Oshikawa) Ushikawachō (Sonota) Ushikawadōri Ushikawayakushi Ushiki Ushiko
Ushikōchi Ushiku Ushikubi Ushikubo Ushikuboekidōri Ushikubohigashi
Ushikubonishi Ushikuma Ushikusa Ushima Ushimadochōkashino Ushimadochōnagahama
Ushimadochōsenzu Ushimadochōushimado Ushimaki Ushinefumoto Ushinesakai Ushinō
Ushinodōri Ushinomizu Ushinoya Ushinuma Ushio Ushioda
Ushiodōri Ushiodu Ushiomura Ushioshin Ushirō Ushiroarida
Ushirobata Ushirobatake Ushiroda Ushirodaiku Ushirodaira Ushirodani
Ushirodaniune Ushirogata Ushirogatakami Ushirogatashimo Ushirogawachi Ushirogawara
Ushirogusa Ushirohanzawa Ushirohibochōdeshima Ushirohibochōhigashitakase Ushirohibochōhirano Ushirohibochōhongō
Ushirohibochōmaekawa Ushirohibochōmiyamae Ushirohibochōnaka Ushirohibochōnishi Ushirohibochōriyōke Ushirohibochōshinkai
Ushirohibochōshinmeino Ushirohibochōtakase Ushirohibochōyakushi Ushirohikima Ushirohirai Ushiroiitani
Ushiroji Ushirokawachi Ushirokawara Ushirokoga Ushiroku Ushirokubo
Ushirokuji Ushirono Ushironogami Ushirotaira Ushiroya Ushiroyachi
Ushiroyama Ushiroyashiki Ushishyubetsu Ushisshin Ushisshinkō Ushita
Ushitaasahi Ushitahigashi Ushitahon Ushitaminami Ushitanaka Ushitashin
Ushitate Ushitawaseda Ushitayama Ushitora Ushitsu Ushitsuyamabun
Ushiwa Ushiwara Ushiwata Ushiya Ushiyama Ushiyamaguchi
Ushizaki Ushizawa Usogaguchi Usogōchi Usoi Usono
Usotan Ussawa Usu Usuba Usuda Usudaira
Usugadōri Usugasawa Usugatani Usuge Usugi Usui
Usuiawara Usuichi Usuidai Usuishi Usuishin Usuita
Usuizawa Usujiri Usuki Usukubo Usukura Usukuri
Usunami Usune Usuno Usunoin Usunosawa Usuo
Ususuki Usutani Usutsubo Usuya Uta Utabetsu
Utada Utaduchōnotsuginibanchigakurubaai Utagawa Utahime Utaidani Utajima
Utakkonagashiba Utakkonuma Utakoshi Utamaru Utami Utanai
Utani Utanobaba Utanoborichūō Utanoborihigaki Utanoborihigashi Utanoborihigashiutanobori
Utanoborihonhorobetsu Utanoborihōyoku Utanoborikamitokushibetsu Utanoboriketobetsu Utanoboriminami Utanoborinishi
Utanoborinishiutanobori Utanoboriofun Utanoboriōmagari Utanoboripankenai Utanoboripenkenai Utanoborishibiutan
Utanofukuōji Utanohōanji Utanōike Utanokami Utanokaminotani Utanokita
Utanokitanoin Utanokubetsushiyo Utanokufuruichiba Utanokuhirai Utanokuinado Utanokuiwahashi
Utanokuiwasaki Utanokukamihōno Utanokūkashi Utanokukomagaeri Utanokumatsui Utanokumita
Utanokunyūdani Utanokuōgami Utanokuōsawa Utanokusakura Utanokushimohōno Utanokutōgō
Utanonagao Utanonaka Utanonishi Utanosato Utanoshiba Utanoshibahashi
Utanoshimo Utanōyashiki Utaosa Utasai Utasato Utase
Utashikiyama Utashima Utassaragai Utasu Utasutsu Utatsu
Utatsubaba Utatsubandokoro Utatsuharaikawa Utatsuhinokuchi Utatsuhiradana Utatsuhiramatsu
Utatsuisatomae Utatsuishihama Utatsuishizumi Utatsuitabashi Utatsukaminoyama Utatsukamisawa
Utatsukamiyama Utatsukawauchi Utatsukitanosawa Utatsukudanohama Utatsukusakizawa Utatsumachimukai
Utatsumakita Utatsumasuzawa Utatsumatsunosaki Utatsuminaminosawa Utatsuminato Utatsuminehata
Utatsumiyakata Utatsumorihata Utatsunagaha Utatsunagasawa Utatsunagashiba Utatsunakano
Utatsunakayama Utatsunakazai Utatsunamiita Utatsunatari Utatsuniranohama Utatsuōiso
Utatsuōmori Utatsuōnuma Utatsuosaki Utatsushirayama Utatsusunahama Utatsuyoriki
Utatsuyoshinosawa Utattamogawa Utattanogashira Utattanōra Utattaomote Utattatehama
Utattomarihama Ute Utemi Utetsu Utō Utōbara
Utōchiyaya Utogawahigashi Utogawanishi Utōgi Utōhigashi Utōkita
Utoma Utōminami Utori Utorohigashi Utorokagawa Utorokōgen
Utoronakajima Utoronishi Utōzaka Utsu Utsubohon Utsuboi
Utsubori Utsuboya Utsubuna Utsubusa Utsugi Utsugiono
Utsui Utsuigawa Utsuikami Utsuishimo Utsuka Utsuki
Utsukushigaoka Utsukushigaoka 1 ji Utsukushigaoka 2 ji Utsukushigaoka 3 ji Utsukushigaoka 4 ji Utsukushigaoka 5 ji
Utsukushigaokakita Utsukushigaokaminami Utsukushigaokanishi Utsuma Utsumi Utsumichōha
Utsumichōi Utsumichōro Utsuminaka Utsunai Utsunashi Utsune
Utsuno Utsunohara Utsunoshinden (717 , 718 banchi) Utsunoshinden (Sonota) Utsunoya Utsunuki
Utsuo Utsura Utsuri Utsuro Utsuya Utta
Uttanai Uttani Uttsu Uttsugawa Uttsumi Uwa
Uwabara Uwabaru Uwabukita Uwabuminami Uwabusakae Uwachōageishi
Uwachōakanma Uwachōgōnai Uwachōhigashitada Uwachōhimawari Uwachōhirano Uwachōhisaeda
Uwachōhitōgawa Uwachōigaji Uwachōinō Uwachōinobe Uwachōisaki Uwachōiwaki
Uwachōjinri Uwachōjōjōji Uwachōkaida Uwachōkamimatsuba Uwachōkamo Uwachōkawachi
Uwachōkiyosawa Uwachōkubo Uwachōmokushiyo Uwachōnagaosa Uwachōnishiyamada Uwachōnobusato
Uwachōnoda Uwachōobara Uwachōōe Uwachōokayama Uwachōonoda Uwachōrenge
Uwachōsakado Uwachōseto Uwachōshimomatsuba Uwachōshinji Uwachōtanaematsuchi Uwachōtanonaka
Uwachōuno Uwachōyamada Uwada Uwadade Uwadai Uwadaira
Uwadana Uwado Uwadoshin Uwae Uwagata Uwagawa
Uwagoromo Uwahara Uwaharanishi Uwaichi Uwaichōkami Uwaichōmoto
Uwaichōnaka Uwajin Uwama Uwamachikō Uwamachino Uwami
Uwamuki Uwanada Uwanaro Uwano Uwanobu Uwanodai
Uwanogaoka Uwanohon Uwanokotobuki Uwanomachi (Maruyama) Uwanomachi (Sonota) Uwanominami
Uwanoshin Uwanuma Uwanumashinden Uwaōdō Uwaoka Uwasawa
Uwase Uwaseki Uwaso Uwataira Uwato Uwatsu
Uwaya Uwayama Uwayashinden Uwazue Uyagawa Uyama
Uyamahigashi Uyamamoto Uyamasatsuki Uyamatenjin Uyanagikami Uyanagimoto
Uyanagishimo Uyanagishin Uza Uzaki Uzu Uzuhashi
Uzuka Uzuki Uzumasaaokigahara Uzumasaaokimoto Uzumasaaraki Uzumasafujigamori
Uzumasagoriyōden Uzumasagoshiyonōchi Uzumasahachioka Uzumasahakamada Uzumasahattanda Uzumasahigashigaoka
Uzumasahigashihachioka Uzumasahigashikarato Uzumasahinōchi Uzumasahorigauchi Uzumasahoriike Uzumasaichinoi
Uzumasaidogajiri Uzumasainui Uzumasaishigaki Uzumasaitsuchōshiba Uzumasaizumishikibu Uzumasakainichi
Uzumasakaishōji Uzumasakakiuchi Uzumasakamikeibu Uzumasakaminodan Uzumasakarato Uzumasakatabiranotsuji
Uzumasakatsuragahara Uzumasakatsuragi Uzumasakawadokoro Uzumasakinoshita Uzumasakitaro Uzumasakotesumi
Uzumasakumiishi Uzumasakyōnomichi Uzumasamaenoda Uzumasamatsumoto Uzumasamidorigaoka Uzumasaminaseiji
Uzumasamiyanomae Uzumasamonda Uzumasamorigahigashi Uzumasamorigamae Uzumasamoriganishi Uzumasamoto
Uzumasanaka Uzumasanakasuji Uzumasanakattsumi Uzumasanakayama Uzumasanishihachioka Uzumasanishino
Uzumasanomoto Uzumasaokudono Uzumasaomokage Uzumasasakuragaoka Uzumasasanbi Uzumasashimokakuda
Uzumasashimokeibu Uzumasasugamoto Uzumasasujaku Uzumasatakatsuka Uzumasatakigahana Uzumasatanamori
Uzumasatarumiyama Uzumasatatsumi Uzumasatayabu Uzumasatsuchimoto Uzumasatsujigamoto Uzumasaumaduka
Uzumasayasuifujinoki Uzumasayasuihigashiura Uzumasayasuiikeda Uzumasayasuiitsuchōden Uzumasayasuikasuga Uzumasayasuikitagoshiyo
Uzumasayasuikoyama Uzumasayasuikurumamichi Uzumasayasuimatsumoto Uzumasayasuimitoden Uzumasayasuinijōura Uzumasayasuinishiura
Uzumasayasuinishizawa Uzumasayasuiokuhata Uzumasayasuitatsumi Uzumasayasuitsujinōchi Uzumasayasuiumaduka Uzumasayasuiyanagidōri
Uzumasayurigamoto Uzumi Uzumoridai Uzunawa Uzunō Uzura
Uzurahon Uzuraishi Uzurakubo Uzurakuboyama Uzurano Uzurasaki