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Country Codes

China has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:CN
  • Country ISO A3 code:CHN
  • Country ISO number:156
  • Currency Code:CNY
  • Currency Code number:156
  • Calling Code:+86

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Postal Code for China

Click on the city to list all of it's postal codes. Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.

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Tangdong Prefecture Taohu Township Taolou Township Tushan Township Tangtian Township Tangxi Township
Tongmuhanshan Township Tongshan Township Tongshankuang Prefecture Tianhe Township Tanbu Township Taoshan Township
Tongxi Township Taochang Town Tongzha Villages Tianji Township Tunguang Township Tanziqiao Township
Taoyuan Township Tangjiahui Town Tiechong Township Taocheng Town Tianlu Township Tianbu Township
Tianqiao Township Taiping Township Tafang Township Tongbu Township Tandun Township Taodian Township
Tangshu Township Tongting Township Tulou Township Taokou Township Tongzi, Xikou, Nankou, Diaochi Village Taoyuan District Jibufen Township
Taihe County Taihu County Taopu Township Tianjia Township Tiantai Township Tongcheng Villages
Taochong Township Taici Township Taoling Township Tuanshan Township Tianjing Township Toupu Township
Tuqiao Town Toutuo District Jijige Township Taipinglu odd 2731, etc. Taipinglu23, etc. Taipingqiaodajie23, etc. Taipingqiaodajie4, etc.
Taishitun Township Tianzhu Township Taojia Township Tuzhu Township Tongxing Street Taohua Township
Taoxi Township Tiemen Township Taipingchang Township Tonghui Township Tutai Township Tuqiao Township
Tai'an Township Tianchengtangfang Town Tushi Township Tantou Town Tiechang Township Tongfang Township
Tufang Township Tantou Township Tuling Township Tuzhai Township Tailu Township Tou Town
Tianzhongyang, Dameixi Tieshan Township Tingping Township Tazhuang Township Tubao Township Tangkou Township
Tianyuan Township Taiba Township Tongxian Township Tunshang Township Tangbao Township Tangqian Township
Tong'an Township Tangchuan Township Tuanjie Township Tianbao Town Tufuyuan Township Tashi Township
Tongcheng Township Tangwang Township Taibai Township Tianchi Township Tianshui Township Touzhaizi Township
Tiancang Township Tieye Villages Taitang Township Taishan Township Ta Wan Township Taishi Township
Tiezhai Township Taichang Township Tugudui Town Tongchuan Township Tumen Township Tibet Xiang Villages
Taijing Township Tianshuijun Tanshanling Town Tiantang Township Tianjiahe Township Taishihe Township
Tongyun Township Tongbian Township Taoyan Township Taimei Town Tianxin Town Tongyu Town
Tiandong Township Tiepu Town Taiping Town Taoyuan Town Tangxia Town Tanglian, Wanhai, Xinchao Village
Tangnan Town Tangxi Town Tanjiang Town Tanshan Township Tanbu Town Taohe Town
Timian Town Tailai Township Tongqing Town Tonghu Town Tatou Town Tangkou Town
Tanxi, Yijing, Beiyi, Zhonghe Village Tangjia Town Tangpeng Town Taibao Town Tanling Township Tiechang Town
Tuocheng Town Tiantangshan Township Tiegang Township Tanxi Town Tongguling Tanghu, Xiuhu, Shoutai Village
Taoyao Town Taiping Village Tangshan Village Tanzhou Town Tianqian Town Tianmei, Fuchang, Xiudun, Da Wan Village
Tielong Township Tangduo Town Tangwei Town Tanxia Town Tiantang Town Tangping Town
Tanshui Town Tianpan Town Tongmen Town Tuodong Township Tanbei Town Tangan Township
Taishou Township Tungu Township Tanrong Township Tuhu Township Tanying Township Taowei Township
Tongde Township Tunpan Township Tongmu Town Toupai Township Taodeng Township Tanwei Town
Tubo Township Taiyangcun Town Tianshengqiao Tanmian Township Tunqiu Village, Zeyou Village Tongkeng
Tianxi Village Tongmian Township Tonglao Township Tong'an Town Tonghe Township Tonglianyaozu Township
Tonglemiaozu Township Tanghong Township Taohuakuang Prefecture Tianping Township Tongxin Township Tianyang County
Toutang Township Tongling Township Tongwan Township Tonggu Township Tiaodengchang Township Tianba Township
Tangba Township Tuhuang Township Tuxi Township Tanxi Township Tongguan Township Tianlong Town
Taojing Township Tandong Township Taipan Township Tongzi County Tuanxi Prefecture Timeng Town
Tangbian Road Tanmen Town Tayang Town Tanwen Town Tashi Village Tieqiaoxu
Tengqiao Town Tiandu Town Tianya Town Tengzhai Township Tiandui, Shifu Village Tanniu Town
Touyuan Town Tongkou Township Tiangongsi Township Taipingzhuang Township Tengzhuangzi Township Taaiyi Township
Tingliuhe Town Tiankou Township Taolizhuang Township Tibetqiao Township Tuanpiaozhuang Township Taipingzhuang Town
Tiantan Township Tongbei Town Tangfang Town Tianmen Township Toulin Township Taha Township
Tongjiang Township Tulongshan Town Tuoyao Township Taitun Township Taihe Township Touzhan Township
Taipinggou Township Tongquan Township Tuqiang Town Tielinghe Town Tongnan Town Tongyi Township
Taxi Township Tongle Township Taibao Township Taipingchuan Town Tahe County Tailai County
Tangchi Township Tazicheng Town Tuolihe Township Taipingchuan Township Tangwang Village, shuguang Village, Qianfeng Village Tangwang Village, taiyang Village, Hongguang Village
Tangyuan Town Taoshan Town Tonghe County Tonghe Zhenjiao Township Tongjiang Town Taipingtai Township
Taidong Township Taiqingji Subdistrict Tangwanghe Subdistrict Tuanshanzi Township Tuchengzi Township Taishanmiao Township
Tangxi, Tangdong, Longtou, Xiangyang Tongtou Taojian Township Tianzhuang, Yangzhuang, Dawang Zhuang Taitou Township Tandian Township
Taolin Township Tangjie Township Tao Wan Township Tanghe Township Tangji Township Tanji, Shiliwangzhai
Tanzhuang Township Tangzhuang Township Tianzhuang Township Taikang County Tongzhaipu Township Tangyin County
Taigongquan Township Taohe Township Tiemen Zhen Township Tangcun Township Taiping Zhen Township Tianguan Township
Tapu Township Taocheng Township Taiqiu Township Tiaohe Township Tongzhong Township Tai Po
Tsuen Wan Tuen Mun Tangdi Villages Taiqiao Township Tianxin Township Tongkuang Town
Tonglushan Town Tongshankou Town Taqiao, Shouqiao, Chenqiao, Tuqiao Tingzu Town Tujianao Town Tiemen Villages
Tanshu Town Tianhu Township Taer Town Tianhe Town Tumiao Town Tanqiao Villages
Tudetang Township Tanba Township Taoshu Township Tan Township Tanghu Township Tanxia Township
Tongcheng County Tuanfeng County Tangyansi Town Tanxi Road Tang Wan Township Tuanpi Villages
Tongziying Township Taogang Villages Taipingxi Town Tucheng District and Villages Tiandian Town Taihechang Township
Tan Town Taokeng Township Tianwei Township Thji County Tiehejinchangyangjiaping Tanjiachang Township Tangfu Township
Taizimiao Township Tanbo Township Tieshi Township Tangpu Township Tongzi Township Tiexi Village
Tuanzhou Township Tanghua Township Tuqiaowei Township Tuoshan Township Taiqing Township Tingxiandu Town
Tandu Township Tanjiazhai Township Tuochong Township Tanmuqiao Township Tanshu Wan Township Tanxu Township
Tangjialing Township Tangdi Township Tangjiafang Township Taipingqiao Township Taling Township Taipingli Township
Taoshui Town Tongcheping Township Tukemu Villages Tianshankou Town Taoer Wan Tabu Township
Tenihe Villages Taipingtun Tarangaole Villages Taiyangmiao Township Taiyangmiaonongchangquanbu Toudaoqiao Township
Tuanjiexiao Prefecture Tuodian Township Tuliemaodu Town Tianheyuan Township Tianshenghao Township Tuchengzi Town
Taishanmutou Villages Tiejiangyingzi Township Toudaoyingzi Township Tunkendui Township Touzhijian Township Taigemu Township
Tuoketuo County Tuquan County Touduande Township Toufende Town Taibenzhan Township Taohemu Villages
Taoli Villages Tuke Villages Tuguri Village Tarigennuoer Villages Taerqi Town Tulihe Town
Tai Village Tumuji Villages Taolinbaola Village Tianchang Township Touzengji Villages Tangqian
Tangshi Town Taige Township Tongshang Township Taolin Town Tuofeng Township Tainan Township
Tangyang Township Touzao Town Tashanguanlichu Villages Tianshan Township Tanggou Town Tianlou Township
Tongxing Township Tuhe Township Touqiao Town Tangtou Township Tangshan Town Taowu Township
Tongjing Township Taiyu Township Tugou Township Tingzi Township Tangqiao Township Tanglou Township
Tanshang Township Tiefu Township Tushan Town Tangquan Town Tianfen Township Teyong Township
Tongyang Township Tangjian Township Tuyuan Township Taihu Township Tangli Town Tibetshu Township
Taixing City Tianxing Township Taixi Township Tangzhang Town Tashan Township Tongshan County
Tanla Township Tongli Town Tongluo Town Tuncun Township Taicun Township Tunongba Village, Jiangxi Village, Chunqin Village
Tangliu Township Taozhuang Township Tangdian Township Tiqiushan Township Tianganghu Township Tianmingji Villages
Tiefo Township Taihua Township Tongfeng Township Tangqiao Town Tangshi Township Tanbuqiao Township
Taosha Township Tianxi, Jinjia Village, Bayikuang Tielu Township Tongtian Township Tuochuan Township Taiyang Township
Tongyuan Township Taiyangwei Township Tiannan Township Toupi Town Taiyan Village Tianyu Township
Tongping Township Tibet Wan Township Tangang Township Tukanshang Township Tulishanjushan Township Tacheng Township
Taiyuan Township Taiwo Township Tiantou Township Taibohu Township Taipingguan Township Tianhong Township
Tongmu Township Tuanlin Township Tianzhushan Township Taxia Township Tiandun Township Tonglin Township
Tanqiu Township Tiehe Township Taiyangsheng Township Tiantaishan Township Tanfang Township Tangyin Town
Taopi Township Tancheng Township Taokuang Township Tieshanlong Town Taipingshan Township Tongtai Township
Taipingling Town Taolaizhao Town Taojiatun Township Toudao Township Taishang Township Toudao Town
Tianbei Township Tiangang Township Tumenling Town Taiyang Town Tianbaoshan Town Tongfosi Township
Taohaotai Township Tongjia Township Tuding Township Taifang Village, Xianjin Village Tiande Township Taodong Township
Taofu Township Tongfa Township Tianqiaoling Town Tantu Town Taobao Township Taijiying Township
Taohuatu Township Tianshifu Town Tongjiangkou Township Taizi Township Talagao Township Tangjia Township
Tianjia Town Tangshancheng Town Tongyuanbao Town Tabenzalan Township Tayingzi Township Tuandian Township
Tengaobao Town Taiji Town Tangshenmiao Township Taiping Wan Town Taipingshao Town Tangmazhai Town
Taziling Township Tianqiao Town Tukouzi Township Taoxian Town Tashantun Town Tiexi Street
Tieling County Tucheng Township Taoran Township Tangtu Township Toudaohe Township Toutai Township
Taipingling Township Taling Town Taipa Tongfu Township Tianjialaozhuang Township Tonggui Township
Tanggula Township Tiegai Township Tuole Township Tianpeng Township Tongpu Township Tanjiaying Township
Tianwang Town Tihu Township Tianjiazhai Township Tongyuan Town Taixian Township Tianzhuang Town
Tong Town Taihe Village Tangyu Town Tianshi Township Tao Town Tangping Township
Taochuan Township Tiebiancheng Town Taicun Town Tuofan Town Taerbao Town Taibaozhuang Township
Tiangongmiao Town Timen Township Tai'an Road Taihangshan Road Tanyi Town Tuntou Town
Tibetjia Township Tuzhuang Township Tangfang Township Tuanli Township Tangmiao Township Tianbao Township
Taomiao Township Tieche Township Tangjiazhuang Township Tangezhuang Township Tuanwang Town Tieying Township
Tangyi Town Tinghe Township Taitousi Township Tangyuan Township Tangling Township Tangtou Town
Taipingsi Township Township Taoxu Township Tugangcheng Town Tinglan Township Tangcunling Township
Tongshi Town Tangjiabo Town Taocun Town Tiekou Township Tingkou Town Taoluo Town
Tengjia Town Tianliu Township Tianma Township Taierzhuang Prefecture Tiancun Town Tianfushan Township
Tengzhuang Township Taozhuang Town Tangyin Township Tumen Town Tangma Township Taiyimenli Street
Taoyuan Village Tangcun Town Tianhuang Township Tieluji Tinglin Xiang Village Tanzhi Zhen Village
Tianhuaanbufen Taizhonglujiadingfangtai Tianmacun (Gangyan Xiang) Tianyingluqingpugongyeyuan District Tingfenggonglushan even 16292248 Tongboxijieqingpuchonggu
Tongchangcun (Yan'anxilu548 long) Tuanjieluodian Tuaita Township Taigu Township Tongjialiang Tianchidian Township
Tailin Township Taiyuan City Tianguadi Town Taishan Town Taitou Town Tianlin Township
Tianhui Township Tuanba Township Tongchang Township Tianchi Town Tianyun Township Tengda Township
Taoping Township Tibetba Township Tiane Township Taifu Township Tongtan Township Tounian Township
Taojiadu Subdistrict Tongzilin Subdistrict Tongji Township Tangchang Town Tuanjie Town Tianhua Township
Tangke Township Tongchuan Town Tongshe Township Tianfu Township Taiguan Township Tuanbo Township
Tianjin City Tibetzi Township Tibetyiyuanluer Lane Tuopuluke Township Tielieke Township Tuoyun Township
Tangmutuolake Township Tuokexun Township Tashidian Prefecture Tianshanxi Road Tasierhai Tougong
Tudunzi Tiemaike Township Tuerhong Township Tashituobie Township Tierekeqi Township Tianhu
Tiebukenwusan Township Tahaji Township Talang Tushala Township Toudaowan Tuosite Township
Tuoli Township Tuotuo Township Toutai Tumantale Township Taxihehasakezu Township Tuohula Township
Tuwaite Township Tatarang Township Tagaerji Township Tuomuwusitang Township Tuyugou Township Talimu Township
Tuoyibao Township Taohua Town Tashimilike Township Tazihong Township Tumushuke City Tuokexun County
Tuotai Township Tiechanggou Town Tuoli County Tagelake Township Tumuxiuke Township Tianjinnan Road
Tashilike Township Talede Township Tasiwutikele Tiemuerlike Tuergen Township Talade
Tashikuleke Township Tiechanggou Tuogelake Township Tulupanyuzi Township Tuhulu Township Tieremu Township
Tieganlike Tuergenbuluke Tadian Township Taiyi Township Tanhua Township Tiesuo Township
Tuoding Township Tangdan Town Tianpeng Town Tonghongdian Township Tongda Township Taizhong Township
Tongdian Township Tue Township Tianning Township Tuguan Township Tuo'an Township Tanglang Township
Tuantian Township Tianshengtang Township Tujie Township Tonghai County Tangzi Town Tangchi Town
Tongbiguan Township Taiji Township Toudaoshui Township Tonggong Township Tannan Township Tangyun Township
Tongzhao Township Tanqiao Township Tianning Town Tanghui Town Tuyangshun Village Tongde Village
Taimen Town Tingshan Township Tingxi Township Tuci Township Tingzhi Township THJI县铁合金厂(羊角坪)等