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Country Codes

China has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:CN
  • Country ISO A3 code:CHN
  • Country ISO number:156
  • Currency Code:CNY
  • Currency Code number:156
  • Calling Code:+86

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Postal Code for China

Click on the city to list all of it's postal codes. Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.

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Shijiaoji Township Sanhe Township Sanshitou Township Shuangdun Prefecture Sunmiao Township Sanbing Township
Shimen, Bai'an, Cao Village Shuangqiao Township Sanguan Township Shahe Town Shiji Township Sangjian Township
Shilihuang Township Shilitang Township Sunji Township Shengli Villages Songtian Village, Xiafan Village Suncun Township
Sanshilipu Township Sanhe Town Shishu Township Songji Township Sishipu Township Sunzhai Township
Shanbei Township Shigu Township Shijie Town Shuanghe Township Sihe Township Sucun Township
Shigong District Jijige Township Shuangmiao District Jijige Township Shuishang Township Shihu Township Shoudian Township Shanhou Township
Shuoli Town Suixi Road Shangyao Township Shenglicunlijuzi Sanqiao Township Shijing Township
Shangmiao Township Sankou Township Shanlongsi Township Shijiahe Township Suhong Township Shangtian Township
Shangzhuang Township Sancheng Township Shierliban Township Shiguan Township Shuangtang Township Shuikou Town
Shunshan Township Shizi Town Shuiming Township Shanwang Township Subu Town Shaomiao Township
Su Wan Township Sanjie Township Shaogang Township Si Xiang Township Sanli Town Shanfeng Village
Sanyuan Township Shikou Town Shanli Prefecture Sansheng Township Shipei Township Shixi Township
Shizi Township Sangang Township Shangfeng Township Shishi Township Shitan Township Shentian Township
Sanyi Township Shisi Township Shuangmen Township Shuangmiao Township Suwang Township Sangou Township
Shageng Township Shanqi Town Shucha Town Songding Township Susong County Shicun District Jige Township
Santang District Jijige Township Shuangfu District , Jijige Township Shahe Township Shanlong Township Shixia Township Siqian Township
Shibaji Township Shiliang Township Shuangdian Township Shi District Jiedao Shizishan District Jiedao Shidoumen Village
Saikou Township Shenchong Township Sanpu Township Shi Xiang Township Shishiwei Township Shengli Township
Shuanglou Township Shencun Township Shuidong Town Shuiyang Town Saijian Township Shengtang Township
Sutun Township Shenqiao Township Shengli Street Shizi Village Songyuan Township Sanlihelu48, 52, 54, etc.
Sidaokoujumin District ,xicheng District Shangzhuang Xianghouzhang Village Shayu Township Shicheng Township Sihetang Township Shandongzhuang Township
Sihai Township Shigang Township Sansheng Street Shantuo Township Shashi Township Shaxi Township
Shiyan Township Shizitan Town Shamu Township Shixiaolu 159, etc. Shixiaolu 27mo, etc. Si Xiang, Wu Xiang, Lu Lane
Sigongli Village, Sinan Village Shima Township Shaping Township Shuanghekou Town Shilong Township Shituo Township
Shizhong Township Shuangfeng Township Shunjiang Township Shuangbai Township Sanjiang Town Shijia Township
Shiliangheji Villages Shizudadui Shiyu Township Sanzheng Township Sanjiao Town Shizhu Township
Shuangshi Town Songgai Township Shouzhan Township Sidu Township Shangjing Town Sanban Township
Shuikou Township Saiqi Town Shangbaishi Township Shekou Township Songluo Township Shacheng Town
Sanshan Township Shangjing Township Shapu Township Shayang Township Shaxiweicun Shanxia Township
Shuiyuan Township Shufang Township Shenhu Town Sibao Township Shuangdihuaqiaonongchang Suban Township
Subangkuang Prefecture Shanggan Town Shangjie Township Shenghuang Township Shijing Town Shuitou Town
Shuyang Township Sandu Town Shihou Township Shuiqian Township Shange Township Shoushan Township
Shuangxi Town Suwo Town Shipi Town Shuibeijie Township Sanshan Village Shawu Township
Songxi Township Shuangyanghuaqiaonongchanggeguan Prefecture Sanming City Sanyuan District Subdistrict Shenkou Town Shanhu Township
Shangqing Township Shifang Town Sixincunjifamuchang Shexing Township Shicang Township Shufeng Township
Sansha Town Shajiang Town Shuimen Township Songcheng Town Sukeng Township Songkou Town
Shentu Township Shiliu Township Sidu Town Shitun Township Shuiquan Township Silong Township
Suyuan Township Sha Wan Township Shajing, Nangou, Gucheng, Xianfeng Shichuan Township Shuifu Township Sishui Township
Shangliyuan Township Shanzhuang Township Shancheng Township Shannangou Township Shangguan Township Shenyu Township
Shibaozi, Jijiazhuang, Sanxing Village Shuang Wan Township Shiju Township Shuangxian Township Shandun, Fengle, Guange, Yongtai Shimen Township
Shang Wan Township Suji Township Shajingyi Sanyu Township Shangping Township Shiqiao Township
Siba Township Shangliang Township Shaozhai Township Shubu Township Shangying Township Shendu Township
Suolong Township Sanbao Township Shishe Township Shibaocheng Township Shetang Township Shifo Township
Sucheng Township Saishisi Township Songshan Township Sizichuan Township Shifang Township Simen Township
Shaijing Township Shibao Township Shili Township Suhe Township Shanghuajiajing, Shengli Shuping Township
Santiaoxian Township Shi District Subdistrict Sanjiacheng Township Sancha Township Sizu Township Sanjia Township
Shanhe Township Sancha Town Shangliu, Nanxu Shangxiao Township Shanxian Township Shuguang Township
Shi Wan Town Shuibian Village Shalong Town Simapu Town Shaxi Town Shanghua Town
Shiwu Xiang Town Shangxi, Xiaxi, Jincun Village Shangzhang, Xiazhang, Jiushe Village Shuangxi Township Shabang Township Shalang Town
Shayuan Town Shuzai Town Shatian Town Shima Village Shipai Town Shangheng Town
Shahu Town Shengtang Town Shitan, Langwangge, Yangwu, Qinghu Shangba Township Sijiu Town Shuinan Town
Sunwei Township Shen Zhen Township Shiban Township Shifen Township Shigu Town Sishui Town
Shijian Town Shangshedongpu Zhen Shougoulingshuinuanchanggonglu Shangling Town Shangguan Town Shuangjiang Township
Shuntian Town Shiling Town Shidong Town Shitang Township Songkeng Township Shenquan Town
Shizhouzai Village Shatian Township Sandong Town Shuibeikaifa Prefecture Sanzhen Town Shangsha Town
Shangdong, Zhongdong Village Shatang Town Shuijing Town Sijiu, Shengping, Weixing, Sanshe Village Siqian, Fengcai, Xiangqian, Hedong Sanxi Town
Shentang Town Songzhu Town Shigeng Town Shijia Town Sanpai Township Shanlian Township
Shangping Town Sanshui Township Shangcao Township Shangshuai Township Shantang Township Shikeng Township
Shajing Town Shanghu Town Shuichun Town Shengjiang Town Shuangdong Town Siguan Town
Sulong Town San Xiang Township Sanjia Town Shejiang Town Shikeng Town Shishan Town
Shuiche Town Songbei Township Songdong Township Songnan Township Songyuan Town Shenao Town
Shakeng Village Shatou Town Songgang Town Sha Wan Town Shilou Town Shiqi Town
Shangju Township Shizheng Town Shanwei Town Sankeng Town Shantang Town Shengping Town
Shikan Town Shima Town Shitan Town Songxiashan, Lecunping, Shanzibei Village Sanrao Town Shangrao Zhen, Shangshan Zhenji Villages
Shitang Town Sixishan Village Sanshui Prefecture Shantou City Shengpinghaibang13 Lane Shanwei City
Shenzhen City Siqian Town Sugang Village Shigou Town Sihui City Shagu Town
Sanba Town Shangchuan Town Shangze, Xize, Nongjian, Lianfeng Shanjiaokeng, Gaodong, Tashan, Jiangdong Shuibu Town Sanhua Township
Songtang Township Shuanghua Town Shuangtou Town Songsheng Township Shadui Town Shuangshui Town
Shuitai Township Shizhusha Town Shanping Township Shilu, Tanwu, Dongfeng, Shichong Shiwang Township Shuangjiao Town
Shuangjie Town Songbai Town Shiluo, Lianhe, Huangniutan Village Shangyang Town Shapa Town Shaba Township
Shakou Town Shigutang Town Shihuipu Town Shuibian Town Songgui Town Shidashi Township
Silao Township Shapu Town San Xiang Town Shaping, Dadou, Datong, Duntao Shen Wan Town Sanzao Villages
Sanzaoguanli District Suozaide Shangyi Town Shuidun Township Su District Township Sitang Township Shanwei Township
Shatong Township Si Zhen Township Santan Township Shapi Town Shuangwang Township Songwang Township
Shiqiao Town Shizhai Township Shuiwen Township Shuolong Township Simeng Township Sanzhiyang Township
Songbai Township Sanjiangyaozu Township Shuiche Township Shika Township Sihuai Township Sihe Village
Shebu Township Shepo Township Sanwang Township Shi Village, Zhoutang Village, Xiewei Village Shuangping Village, Xinghua Village, Zhenxing Village Sanhekouji Villages
Saoguan Village Shagang Township Shangshi Township Shankou Town Shi Wan Township Shikang Town
Shitoubu Village Shizi Village, Hepushuiku Shangchao Town Shangnan Township Sanjiang Township Sanwu Township
Shiling Township Shiya Township Sishan Township Sushe Township Sanjie Town Sanhai Township
Sanlong Township Shaliyaozu Township Shechong Township Shali Township Shechang Township Shangjin Township
Shahu Township Shanluo Township Shapi Township Shuangmeng Village, Li Village, Niubi Village Shiliuhe Sipai Township
Shitang Village, Nanbang Village, Tansha Village Shuanglian Township Shajing Township Shilang Township Shazi Town Shuiyan Village, Guliu Village
Sijie Township Simian Township Shishiyong Township Shabu Township Shaoshui Town Shitou Township
Shuangshan Village, Luqing Village, Dagong Village Shazi Township Siding Township Sidinggushankuang Sidingqianxinkuang Sanfang Town
Sirong Township Shuoliang Township Silin Town Shangjiang Township Sanli Township Siling Township
Shilong Town Shuijing Township Sicun Township Silian Town Suiyi Township Sanpen Town
Shibie Township Sanhuang Township Shoucheng Township Suqiao Township Suqiaogongye Prefecture Suwei Town
Shatang Township Shegang Village, Donggao Village Shigui Village, Yaogu Village, Gaotian Village Shihe Township Shinan Town Shanhu Town
Salaxi Town Shuiwei Township Si Township Shuangshan Township Song'an Township Shuangshui Township
Shanyan Township Songjiang Township Shiren Township Shuidong Township Sanxing Township Shanxi Township
Suiyang County Shixi Town Saping Township Sanhui Township Sancai Town Sandao Town
Shougong Village, Ganshi Village Shiyuetian Town Shankou Township Shifu Township Sigeng Town Sanping Township
Shanrong Township Shangyong Township Shibi Town Sanmenpo Town Shizilu Town Shude Village
Sumin, Qunzhuang, Meilan Village Shang'an Township Shitonghei, Bianwen Village Shiyun Township Songtao Township Shangen Township
Shanniutian, Hongxing Village Shibi, Luobao, Dianchang Village Shengfang Town Sichakou Township Sanlang Township Sunzhuang Township
Shangxiatai Township Shantun Township Sidaoying Township Shimen Town Shanyincun Township Songzhangzi Township
Shanshenmiao Township Shimenqiao Town Shenzhou City Shitaitieluyinanshanhao Shitaitieluyinanshuanghao Shouwangfen
Shennan Township Sannongchang Villages Shinongchangsuo Villages Zhuang Sinongchang Villages Shanfangbao Township Sidaogou Township
Shigezhuang Township Suqiao Town Shangwopu Township Songjiazhuang Township Shalingzi Township Shahedian Town
Shanhe Town Sheli Township Sipingshan Township Shangsheng Township Shibali Township Shihua Township
Shiquan Town Shengli Town Songjiang Town Songqingji Subdistrict Saertu Subdistrict Shuangyushu Township
Sandaohezi, Zhamu Village Shahezi Town Shaowen Township Shanshi Town Shuanglu Township Shuyuan Township
Sijiazi Township Simajia Township Songmuhe Township Sujiadian Town Shitouhe Town Shiren Town
Shuangjing Township Sanka Township Sifeng Township Shengchang Township Shuangqing Township Sheng, Fujiang, Zhenxing, Yongsheng
Shanquan Township Shuangxing Township Sansuotong Township Shuangshan Town Sanling Township Shalan Town
Shiyan Town Shuishiying Township Sanrenban Township Sanyang Township Shangzhi City Shitouhezi Town
Subdistrict Suibin County Suidong Town Shuanghe Town Sanjihe Township Shangji Town
Shuangchahe Township Sihaidian Town Suiling County Suiling Town Suizhong Township Sunwu County
Shibazhanelunchunminzu Township Siliwu Township Shengfa Village Shenshu Township Shenshu Village, Shenglang, Jiling Shenshu Village, Shichang, Fazhan
Sanzhan Township Sancun Township Shahezi Zhen Village, Renban Village, Fu Shuangqiaozimanzu Township Siping Township Songshugou Township
Shangyou Township Shuangyang Town Shangganling Subdistrict Sandaogang Town Shangjia Town Sizhan Town
Shachangzhigongsushequanbu Su, Yangyi, Shenlusu, Huai Village Shicao Township Shaolin, Guodian, Leijiagou, Tagou Shidao Township Songbiao Township
Sangzhuang Township Shilin Township Silidian Township Shayugou Township Shecun Township Suntiepu Township
Sanhejian Township Shahepu Township Sangcun Township Shangguancun Township Sankongqiao Township Sitong Town
Sanpi Township Shangyougang Township Shuangliu Town Shangbali Township Shiziying Township Songbao
Shaoyuan Town Shuihongchi, Sanjiao, Shizhai, Song Sanjiadian Township Shibanyan Township Sanchuan Township Shimiao Township
Shizimiao Township Shandian Township Sun Qitun Villages Sikeshu Township Shiziping Township Shuanghuaishu Township
Shengtiezhong Township Songzhuang Township Shizhuang Township Shuangta Township Sunlu Township Shiyang Village
Shuangqiaodong Village Shigang Zhen Township Sigougongren Village Sikuanggongren Village Shihegang Township Shisanliqiao Township
Shizilu Township Shengliludongduan Shigunhe Township Shunshandian Township Sanlizhuang Township Sanmenzha Township
Shetun Township Shuitun Township Santun Township Shangdian Township Shibapan Township Shan County
Shangqiao, Xinqiao, Lu Village, Xinzhuang Shangcai County Shiyuesi Township Sanliping Township Shangshiqiao Township Shuangpu Township
Suxianshi Township Shangchengdongludonghuandaoyidong Shibalihe Township Suzhuang Township Sunying, Songge, Liu Wan She Qi County
Shangtun Township Sunjuzhai Township Shenzhai Township Suiping County Shuangba Zhen Township Sunfuji Township
Shaobaisi Township Saiquan, Dasaiquan Shanglecun Township Shibaotou Township Shuanma Township Sunxingcun Township
Sanzhangdian Township Sundian Town Sanggu Township Sheng Wan Township Si Wan Township Shawo Township
Sidian Township Songgang Township Sunzhao Township Shanggang Township Shayan Township Shian Township
Sangping Township Shewei Township Shijiehe Township Shiwulidian Township Sizhai Township Shanhua Township
Shuizhai Township Shagu, Shizui San Township Shunhe Township Shaji Township Southern
Sham Shui Po Sai Kung Sha Tin Sangshu Township Sijing Township Shenshan District , Shenshan Zhenji Villages
Songjiahe Township Suiyang Township Shicheng Villages Shuanggang Township Sanlicheng Town Sulin Township
Siguzha Town Sike Township Shihua Town Shunheji Villages Shakou Villages Shimatou Villages
Shangbahe Zhen Village Sanliqiao Town Shekou Town Shikesong, Pinggang, Taoyuanhe, You Shagang District Town Shanpo Township
Shu'an Township Shangche Wan Town Shizhusha Township Shuqiao Township Sanyang Villages Songhe Villages
Sanliqiao Township Shiqiaopu Township Shiyuanhe Township Sunchong Township Shayang County Shishou City
Shujia Township Shi Prefecture Sanhe Xiangji Villages Shinan Township Shadian Township Shanjie Township
Shamao Town Shuihong Township Sujiaju Shifosi Villages Siwang District Shipu Township
Shijiaoyongjiu, Yongli Village Shuanggou Town Songlin Township Sanyang Prefecture Sandian Town Sanhua Town
Shadaogouji Villages Sanxi Villages Songmuping Town Sandouping Town Shenbu Township Songyang Township
Shennongjialin Prefecture Sashui Township Shuangzhu Township Sanchahe Town Shuitian Town Shuiyin Township
Sicong Township Shibantan Township Shigongqiao Town Shuangqiaoping Township Sanjiatang Township Shuangping Township
Shilingtang Village Shizhuyuan Shenzhangtang Township Shibei Township Shaju, Hujiao, Tongxing, Tanghu Sanzhang Township
Shatou Township Sanhu Township Shangli Shaqiao Town Songshi Town Shuangxiali Village
Shangjiangwei Township Sanqiu Township Suocheng Township Shangjia Township Shizhun Township Simenzhou Town
Sanjian Township Shigao, Yanqiao Village Shuanglong Township Shashu, Longxi Shuidongdi Town Shanhu
Shi Wan, Liantang, Shitang Shaban Township Shanzaotan Township Suozaidedahucun Shaxi, Shangyi, Tieluyaoli Shigao Township
Shipai Township Shashan Township Shiliuping Township Shiyangshao Township Sanxianao Township Shanshanling Township
Shijia Wan Township Shuangjiangkou Town Sankoutang Township Shangsiyuan Township Shizitang Township Sangzhi County
Shizhuqiao Township Shuidongjiang Township Shuinandu Township Shuitiangang Township Sujiapu Township Santangpu Town
Shangrenli Township Silihe Township Sanyanggang Town Shaping Town Shamuqiao Township Shuijinping Township
Shiba Township Shijia, Xianfeng, Rixin Shiniu, Shijia, Hanpo Sheping, Ganjia, Meizhai, Lushan Shixia Simenqian Township
Shidu Township Shizhou Township Shiling, Zhaojiatang Santang Township Shiyangtang Township Shuangfeng, Gaofeng, Tianfeng
Sanxianhu Town Shagangshi Township Sile, Hanxin Shajintan Township Shenxikou Township Shuxikou Township
Songyanghunongchang Villages Shibuqiao Township Shuikuan Township Shiyantou Township Shuangpaipu Township Shuangfeng, Tianxin, Xinmin
Saritai Villages Shugui Villages Sunburi Villages Saihantalasumu Villages Shaogensumu Villages Shuangsheng Town
Saliba Township Sidao Wanzi Town Sidetang Township Sijiazi Town Shabutaisumu Villages Suoboligasumu Villages
Shisanaobao Township Shaerqin Township Shinaobaocaishikuang Sanchakou Township Shanqian Township Shuide Township
Shulinzhao Township Suhaitu Township Shajintaohai Villages Shamai Villages Sandaogou Township Shangduhe Township
Shanghulintun Shangkuli Township Shiwei Township Suqin Township Saihantaolai Villages Subonaoer Villages
Sanduande Villages Shanghaimiaomuchangquanbu Sanyiquan Township Saiwusu Villages Sishililiang Villages Sandaoqiao Township
Shahai Township Sizhi Township Sandaoying Township Shebiai Township Shengliying Township Sharihure District
Shagedu Sankeshu Township Sishijiazi Township Sandu Villages Shuangsheng Township Shangtoude Township
Shusheng Township Sandaowa Township Sanjiazi Town Sanqing Township Sansumu Township Shijiuhao Township
Shisanhao Township Shuanggucheng Township Shiertu Township Shuangjingdian Township Sharihaolai Villages Sanzuodian Township
Shantou Township Silongdadui Shantaizi Township Shangdu County Sanyuanjing Township Saihanwuliji Villages
Sangbaoli Village Saihangaobi Villages Sunitezuo Banner Shagou Township Sandaohe Township Shahaizi Township
Shanzuizi Township Sidaozhangfang Township Shangtuhai Township Sanchangde Prefecture Sandaokande Prefecture Suhaitude Prefecture
Shumugou Township Silihen Township Suolun Town Sanggendalai Villages Shihahe Township Shilanji Township
Shuangshengmei Township Shadegesumu Villages Shulinzi Township Sudulun Township Shaerli Village Shengfeng Township
Shibagetu Township Saihantala Villages Songgenwula Villages Subuerga Villages Saiyinhudaga Villages Shanda Villages
Shanyang Town Sheyanghu Town Shuisi Township Siguanghu Township Shitang, Xitie Xiang, Mei Xiangqiao Shou, Dongjing, Qin Xiang, Yangjiaqiao
Sitou Zhen, Qinglian, Sitou Sanjing Township Suju Town Sanwei Township Sanzha Township Shenzao Township
Sheliu Township Situ Town Shanzuokou Township Shibu Township Shilianghe Township Sancang Town
Sizao Township Shazhuang Township Shixiaoqiao Township Shouxian Township Songlou Township Sanzao Township
Shuoji Township Sanduo Township Shanian Township Situ Township Songqiao Township Shuohu Township
Sidui Township Shuxun Township Sijia Township Sanshu Township Sanyi, Machang Sanzhou Township
Shaobao Town Shuanggou Township Shuangqiao, Sanqiao, Xujia, Renqiao Sima Town Shangfang Township Shengao Township
Shuduo Township Suchen Township Shanggang Town Shengci Township Sanliu Village, Gaoyang Village Suntang Township
Shetou Town Shudu Township Shuibei Town Shade, Yaoye, Village, Jiandong Shanghuang Town Shangpei Town
Shangxing Town Shezhu Town Suyangshan Town Shaozhi Township Shidi Township Shengli Village, Luci Village, Silie Village
Shengliqiao Sheyanggang Township Siming Township Sangxu Township Shuyangzhaji Villages Sihong County
Sanzhuang Township Sutang Township Shuangzhuang Township Shunhe Village, Yulou Village Sucheng Town Shengpu Township
Suzhou City Shilidian Township Sanbao Town Shanji Township Sanyu Town Shachang Township
Shigang Town Si'an Town Shengze Town Shenta Township Songling Town Sanhekou Township
Shanjundong Village Shanjunnan Village, Shanjunbei Village, Wutang Shagou Town Shechen Township Shentulun Township Shunsheng Township
Shaodian Township Shangtang Town Sunyuan Township Sanheji Villages Shiliying Township Shuichonggang Township
Sanmao Township Sanyue Township Shadong Shanjuan Township Shilipai Township Shierwei Town
Sigang Town Shangdang Township Shanghui Township Shiye Township Shuguang, Wuli, Qili Village Shibi Township
Shuangyan Township Sunfang Township Shangbao Township Sizhou Town Songlin, Shangfang Village Sanchagang Township
Shishan Township Shuanglong, Huaqiao Village Sushan Township Shangkuang Town Shangkuang Village, Fengkuang Shangzhuang Town
Shijiang Township Sundu Township Shan District Nongkesuo Village Shangfu Town Shuanglin Township Shuangyuan, Dakeng, Tongling Village
Songhu Township Shade Township Shuibei Township Shuixi Township Shanghu Township Shuinanwei Township
San County Ling Township Shangqing Town Shuangzhen Township Sipu Township Shunde Township Shixitou Village
Sanli Village Sanzhaolun Township Shuangkuang Town Sanyang, Shishan, Jingling, Shangbu Village Shangxian Township Shuangcun Township
Shuinan Township Shuitian Township Saiyang Road Shilidadao Shilipu Road Shandang Township
Shuangtian Township Sanbanqiao Township Shanshi Township Shengfang Township Shenquan Township Shepin Township
Shanghailu2, etc. Shicha, Changhu Village Shazhou Township Sangtian Village Sanxi Township Shuikou, Xikeng Village
Shexi, Liyuan, Luopi Village Shangshiling Township Shangbu Town Shangguanling Village Sanmiaoqian Township Shimenjie Township
Sishilijie Township Sixiling Village Shikuang Township Shejing Township Shazhouba Township Sixi Township
Shangli County Sishiba Township Shangping Village Shacun Township Shangmo Township Shangyi Township
Shuicha Township Sifenchang Suxi Township Shangzao, Xiazao, Yuekeng, Huangzhu Village Shaokou Township Shunfeng Township
Shi Town Shenglilinchanggefenchang, Village Shangtang Township Shatian Village Shimenlou Township Sikou Township
Sanhu Town Shefu Township Sujiadang Township Shengmi Township Songqiao, Wangkeng Village Shuijiang Township
Shengang Township Shuanggang Village Sanfang Township Shangxi Township San Wan Township Sanxiqiao Township
Shaxin Township Sandao Township Songshu Town Shierdaogou Township Shisandaogou Township Shisidaogou Town
Shiyidaogou Township San County Bao Township Sanqingshan Township Sanshihao Township Santuan Township Shijiahu Township
Shaoguo Zhen Township Shengyang Township Songhuajiang Town Shiyi Township Shaheqiao Township Shaheyan Town
Sanjing Town Shanyou Township Sangshutai Township Shiwu Township Shuangchengbao Township Sidaogang Township
Sumigou Township Sumigou Xiangdex Sandaogoukuang Prefecture Sanjiazi Township Sancha Village, Xinancha Village Shidaohe Township
Shidaohe Xiangjijiyu Village Shuangcha Township Sandaohu Town Santai Township Shanghe Wan Town Shenyang Township
Shijiabao Township Shengshui Township Shijiadian Township Shuangquan Township Shuidao Township Sibashi Township
Sanshengyu Township Shaoguo Township Sanpeng Township Shiju Town Shuzi Township Shuzi Xiangdelvzi Village, Dongjin Village
Suojia Township Shenjingzi Township Sheling Township Shuangying Township Shangying Town Shuiquliu Town
Shujiao Township Shanmen Township Songyuan City Sankeyushu Township Sipeng Township Shihuadao Township
Sijingzi Township Sugongtuo Township Shixian Town Shiliping Township Soudengzhan Township Shisihu Township
Shahezi Village Sanbaoying Township Shangyuan Town Shiqiaozi Town Sishanling Township Shichengdao Township
Sanjiangkou Township Shibajiazi Township Shuangmiaozi Town Simiancheng Township Shanjiadian Township Shiertai Township
Songlingmen Township Sunjia Wan Township Sanjianbaoji Villages Sunjiagou Shanzhuangzi Township Shaoertai Township
Shendanbao Town Shizijie Town Shalizhai Township Simenzi Township Shanghada Township Shala Township
Shijiazi Township Shagang Town Shizijie Township Suziyu Village Shisi County Township Shajianzi Township
Sidaohezi Township Shaheying Township Shihuiyao Township Sierbao Town Songshumao Village Shaoguoyingzi Township
Shenjing Township Shangfeide Township Shanjuzi Township Shuangshanzi Township Shatuozi Village Shiqiaozi Village
Shaling Town Sifangtai Township Santaizi Town Shenjiatai Town Suiyan Township Sandaohezi Township
Sanshijiazi Town Siguanyingzi Town Sihedang Township Songlingzi Township Santaizi Village, Donglianhua Village Shaling Township
Shabaozi Town Siping Town Sanjiazi Village, Quanshengbao Village Shenyang City Shifosi Township Shilihe Town
Sanglin Town Shenjiagou Village, Shandong Village, Qili Village Shuangjingzi Township Songshu Township Shangjiahe Township Shahousuo Town
Shuangshu Township Shaohuyingzi Town Sibaozi Township Sihecheng Township Santo Antonio Sao Lazaro
Sao Lourenco Shutai Township Shakantou Village, Yanghongqiao Village Sanqu Village Shazhuyu Township
Senduo Township Sujitan Township Shengping Township Songduo Township Shangchuankou Town Saishike Township
Shuilian Township Shibianyukou Shaheying Town Shidunhe Township Shimude Township Shangyukou Village
Sudong Township Shangqi Township Shiyaogou Township Shanggaozhai Township Sanchaqu Township Sanqu Township
Sanguanmiao Township Shijiazhai Township Shide Town Shimenzi Township Shiziba Township Shiwengzi Township
Sier Township Sijiba Village Shangwang Township Sufang Township Shejiaping Town Shijuyi Town
Shuangmiaohe Township Shuangmiaoling Township Sehe Township Shuicao Township Shamao Township Shenmu County
Sunjiacha Township Songjiachuan Town Shuiliu Township Shajiagou Shoufeng Township Shangyan Wan Township
Shunning Township Sizhu Township Sanchuankou Township Shuanghuyu Town Shibuzi Township Shidui Township
Songguantuan Township Shansi Township Shitanwucunji Villages Saihao Township Shangyan Township Shenshan Town
Shenlou Township Shibu Town Shuangtai Township Sunsi Township Sunqiao Township Songguantun Township
Sanchunji Township Shahezhan Town Shanglaozhuang Township Shuihe Township Shanghe Road Shangye Town
Shaoyaoshan Township Shuipengyu Township Shiheng Town Sunbao Township Sanga Town Suntuan Xiangji Villages
Shicun Township Shanxitou Township Shatu Township Sanglashu Township Shengtun Township Shimiao Town
Shimei Township Shaoer Town Sizhuang Township Sima Township Shaomen Township Sungeng Town
Sunyou Township Shengtuo Township Shaocunzhuang Township Sunshou Township Shanqiandian Township Shihetou Township
Sanshandao Town Shentang Township Shangma Town Shazikou Town Sanjiantang Township Shouzhangji Township
Sha Town Shentou Town Songjia Township Songlin Town Shahezi Township Su'an Township
Sunan Township Shiliang Town Shuidao Town Sandi Township Shilipu Township Shaozhuang Township
Songchi Township Shewobo Town Sikou Town Sujiadian Township Sanzhuang Town Shu Qi Township
Shidao Town Shitoujuan Township Sunliu Township Shanting Prefecture Shanting Town Shanmiao Township
Shibalipu Township Shiziyuan Township Shengshuiyu Township Sizhang Township Shanggao Township Shanjiayu Town
Shengzhuang Town Shadun Township Sunjiatuan Town Shaizi Township Songcun Town Sinusi Town
Shanyang Township Shichang Township Shenjiazhuang Township Shilai Township Shimensong Township Shiwuliyuan Township
Shouzhang Town Shangdian Town Shuilapo Township Sucun Town Sunzu Township Sanshili Township
Shantuan Township Sishili Town Suobeiling Township Shiliwang Township Shanhouzhai Township Shuizhai Town
Shandongtou Township Shouta Township Shangchangxilubeiyi~wu Lane Shanquan Village, Ma Zhuang Sibaoshan Township Shanghe Township
Shiqiang Town Sun Zhen Township Sanshahongnanzha Situan Zhen Village Shanyang Zhen1chuxialiewai Shangta Xiang Village
Sanhaojiefengxiantouqiao Sanshahongnongchangchongmingdongfeng Shangxueluzanwuhao Shanxibeilu odd 1295, even 2296 Shenjia Town Shenxinglirenminlu546 long
Shuisha Road Songqinglingling Villages Sujiaqiao Town Sheshan Town Shitou Village Silaogou
Shentangbao Township Shangdong Township Shiyao, Da Wan, Qiaogou, Jieban Shikou Township Shuangchi Town Songyuegu Township
Shizhao Township Street Suodagan Township Shishuangdi Village, Dashuang Village Shuiquan Village, Pandaogou Village, Yao San Village, Baijingsi Village, Baijing
Sanmen Township Shicheng Town Shihui Township Songcun Township Shanwei Shouyang County
Shuozhou City Shanglan Town Shu Village Sanjiao Township Sitou Township Shizitun Township
Sangbi Town Shuyi Township Sanluli Town Shangguo Township Suishui Township Shuangtan Township
Shizao Township Shilongxi Township Shiti Township Shunlong Township Shenhe Township Shuangdong Township
Sie Township Shiyang Township Suoluo Township Sanshui Town Shiping Township Seergu Township
Sandong Township Shuiqing Township Shinian Township Shanlinggang Township Sangu Township Shatanba Township
Shengdeng Township Shinian Town Shangluokema Township Simu Township Shuangshi Township Shizhong District Gaoba
Salian Township Shuangfo Township Shuangcai Township Shoumin Township Sanguo Township Sangyuan Town
Shuangtu Township Shijian Township Shixiang Township Songfeng Township Shunqing Prefecture Sui'an Township
Shangwu Township Shuangqi Township Shou'an Township Shagong Township Shalong Township Shibantan Town
Shangli Township Shi District Ximenbei Road Shimuliang Township Shangdukoujiedao Shugu Township Shiniu Township
Sangzi Township Shangxinkou Township Songba Township Shannande Prefecture Sepabayi Township Sumutashi Township
Sariairike Shajingzi Shaheilike Shibati Sarekebayi Shangatushi Township
Sailimu Township Santanghu Township Shirenzi Township Songshutang Saerhusong Township Sangong Township
Shengjin Township Shibaerwoyi Village Sangonghehasakezu Township Shanghugouhasakezu Township Saerbulake Township Saertamu Township
Shajihai Segezikule Township Simawati Township Sanguanhuizu Township Shanban Shitizihasakezu Township
Shuixigou Sichanghu Shashanzi Selibuya Town Saertuohai Shuiyuan Village
Shuili Village Sanjia Zhuang Suxingtan Shanpula Township Salewuzekeji Villages Sandaoba Township
Shisanhu Sayibage Township Subutai Township Shaertuohai Township Sishiliyaozhan Shanshanhuochezhan Town
Shanghude Township Shaya County Shafengdian Shamenzi Town Shichang Town Shihutan Town
Shayiwake Township Shufu County Shuixigou Township Shangshuanghe Saermusakete Sishilichengzi Township
Sahan Township Setili Township Sugaite Township Samuyuzi Township Seyeke Township Siyeke Township
Saerkuobu Township Shanjia Township Shuju Township Shanggaoqiao Township Shilicun Township Shaping Village
Shuanglang Town Sanchahe Township Shiyang Town Santaishan Township Sanba Township Shekuai Township
Sanying Township Shuangkuo Township Sandan Township Shibalianshan Township Shadian Town Sipaishan Township
Songgui Township Shitouzhai Township Shangyun Township Shangcun Township Shanglan Township Shangsuan Township
Shunbi Township Shalang Township Shideng Township Sanmeng Township Shuimo Township Suoshan Township
Shezi Town Sayingpan Town Shanche Township Sinanjiang Township Shujie Township Shede Township
Shuanglongying Township Shupi Township Shuichang Township Shaochong Township Shuangbai County Shuangjianglahuzuwazubulangzudai Autonomous County
Shuifu County Siying Township Shuitang Township Shijie Township Sudian Township Shuixie Township
Songping Township Shalatuo Township Shangxincheng Township Shengcun Township Sayu Township Shouwang Township
Sujia Township Sanzhangtian Township Shengbei Township Shengdong Township Shuguang Village, Dalongtan Village Shulang Township
Shangbai Township Shangdachen Shanpu Township Shiyan Village Songao Township Shenshi Township
Shilu Township Shiquan Township Shuiyang Township Santianmen Village, Xiashuiqiao Village Shengshan Township Shicong Township
Sanqingkou Township Shangyang Village, Saludu Village, Baimaquan Shujiang Township Shangyu Township Shankeng Township Suzhuang Town
Shanghuang Village, Haotangtou Shengtanghu Village, Kuitang Shuangpai Township Shuizhang Township Shirui Township Sanshuitan Village
Shenjiamen Town Shunmu Township Shaliu Town Shanchang Township Shengjiang Township Shangzao Township
Shengsi County Shihuang Town Sandu Township Sanren Township Shiqiaotou Town Shuangchao Township
Shangjiaodao Village Shangzhang Township Sankeng Township Silu Township San Village Shantan Township