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Country Codes

China has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:CN
  • Country ISO A3 code:CHN
  • Country ISO number:156
  • Currency Code:CNY
  • Currency Code number:156
  • Calling Code:+86

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Postal Code for China

Click on the city to list all of it's postal codes. Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.

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Qi County District Jige Township Qia Wan Township Qiaerbage Township Qiagai Township Qiaha Township Qiaheji
Qiajing Township Qialeshihai Township Qian Town Qian Wan Township Qian'an County Qianai Township
Qianan Township Qianbao Township Qiancang Township Qiancao Township Qianchang Town Qianchang Township
Qianchang Villages Qiancheng Township Qiancheng, Jieshou, Jinling, Dalin Village Qiandangbao Township Qiandeng Town Qiandian Town
Qiandiankou Township Qiandun Qianfang Township Qianfeng Township Qianfo Township Qianfodong
Qiang Wan Township Qiangang Township Qiangbu Township Qiangken Township Qiangtou Town Qianguan Town
Qiangwei Township Qianhe Township Qianhe Village Qianheng Township Qianhu Township Qianhu Village
Qianhuang Township Qianji Township Qianjia Town Qianjia Xiangpudongpudian Qianjiabangdachang Qianjiadian Town
Qianjiang City Qianjiang Town Qianjiayinggongye Prefecture Qianjiazhaiyuepuduanjingdadui Qianjin Qianjin Street
Qianjin Township Qianjin Village Qianjing Town Qianjingou Township Qianjinjieqingpuliantang Qianjituo
Qiankeng Town Qiankou Street Qiankou Township Qiankoulong, Sihouzhang Village Qianlin Village Qianling Township
Qianlishande Prefecture Qianliu Township Qianlou Township Qianlu Township Qianma Town Qianma Township
Qianmingdong Road Qianpai Town Qianpai Village Qianping Township Qianpu Township Qianqi Town
Qianqiao Town Qianqihao Township Qianqiu Town Qianqiu Township Qianshan Qianshan Town
Qianshan Township Qianshangongye Prefecture Qianshanhasakezu Township Qianshuangjing Township Qiantang Town Qianting Township
Qiantu Township Qianwei Town Qianwei Township Qianwei Xiang Village Qianwu Town Qianxi County
Qianxi Township Qianxin Village Qianyang Town Qianyang Township Qianzhan Town Qianzhangzhaisongnan
Qianzhifang, Houzhifang, Zhijia Qianzhou Town Qianzhouwangzhuang 1200, etc. Qianzhouzhuang, Houzhouzhuang, Xinyou Village Qianzhuang Township Qiao Village
Qiao Wan Township Qiao Wan Village Qiao Zhen Township Qiaoba Township Qiaoban Township Qiaobei Township
Qiaobei, Tianxin, Nanqiao Village Qiaobian Town Qiaobu Township Qiaochong Township Qiaochuan Township Qiaodian Township
Qiaodiao Township Qiaodong Township Qiaoduan Township Qiaoergou Town Qiaogong Township Qiaogou Town
Qiaogou Township Qiaogou Wan Township Qiaohe Township Qiaohecha Township Qiaohou Town Qiaojia County
Qiaojiafang Township Qiaojian Town Qiaojiang Township Qiaojiao Township Qiaojiapu Prefecture Qiaojiatun Township
Qiaojiayan Village Qiaojiaying Township Qiaokou Town Qiaolaketiereke Township Qiaole Township Qiaolepan Township
Qiaoli Township Qiaoling Prefecture Qiaolou Township Qiaomaide Township Qiaomaitala Township Qiaomu Township
Qiaomu, Zhangcen Village Qiaonan Town Qiaonan, Hongnan Village Qiaopu Township Qiaoqi Township Qiaoren Township
Qiaorenhasakezu Township Qiaoshan Township Qiaoshe Township Qiaoshi Township Qiaoshiying Township Qiaoshuang Township
Qiaotang Township Qiaotian Township Qiaoting Township Qiaotou Town Qiaotou Township Qiaotou Zhen Township
Qiaotouji Town Qiaotoulinchang Villages Qiaotouxi Township Qiaowei Town Qiaoxia Township Qiaoxide Prefecture
Qiaoye Township Qiaoyin Township Qiaoyu Township Qiaozaitou Village Qiaozhang Township Qiaozhuang Township
Qiaozi Township Qiaoziping Qiaozixuan Township Qiareke Town Qiashui Town Qiasi
Qiatebulake Qiatekale Township Qiawage Town Qiaxia Township Qibaer Qibaer Township
Qibailong Township Qibao Town Qibao Township Qibaoshan Town Qibei Township Qibu Township
Qicha Township Qichegongyedaxiaweihailu489 Qicun Town Qicun Township Qicuo Township Qidao Wanlu odd 4157-end
Qidao Wanlu odd 5965-end Qidaogou Town Qidaohe Township Qidaoling Township Qidaoquanzi Town Qidian Township
Qidong Township Qidu Town Qidu Township Qieerkeqi Township Qiemuerqieke Township Qifang Town
Qifeng Town Qifeng Xiang, Shiming Xiangji Villages Qifengdu Town Qigan Town Qiganquele Village Qigexing Township
Qigezhuang Township Qigong Town Qigong Township Qiguanchang Village Qihama Township Qihao Township
Qihe Township Qihong Township Qiji Town Qiji Township Qijia Township Qijiabu Township
Qijiajing Township Qijian Township Qijiaping Township Qijiawu Township Qijiaxi Township Qijiazi Township
Qijie Township Qijing Town Qijing Township Qiju Township Qikeshu Township Qikou Town
Qikou Township Qilao Township Qilewuzeke Township Qili Town Qili Township Qilichong Township
Qilidun Qiligang Township Qiligangkenshichanggefenchang, Village Qilihe Town Qilimiao Town Qilin Town
Qiling Town Qiling Township Qilingzi Street Qiliping Township Qilishan Qiliyan Township
Qiliying Township Qilong Township Qilushan Township Qimaba Township Qiman Township Qimen Township
Qin Village Qin Xiang Zhen, Meijing, Doumen, Tian Qin Zhencunsunqiao Zhen Qinba Town Qinbaoying Township Qincheng Villages
Qinchi Township Qindong Town Qindu Town Qinfeng Town Qinfeng Township Qing Wan Township
Qing Xiang Township Qing'an County Qing'an Township Qingbai Township Qingban Township Qingbang Township
Qingbei Township Qingcao Town Qingcaobazhengjie 129, etc. Qingcheng Township Qingchengji Villages Qingchengzi Town
Qingchi Town Qingchuan Township Qingdamen Township Qingdao City Qingdeli Township Qingdi Township
Qingding District Jijige Township Qingding Township Qingduizi Town Qingdun Township Qingfa Township Qingfeng Township
Qingfeng, Shuanglong, Baizhu, Daguang Qingfengshan Township Qinggang Town Qinggang Township Qinggedahu Township Qinggongye Road
Qinggouzi Township Qingguang Township Qinggui Township Qinghan Township Qinghe Town Qinghe Township
Qinghe Villages Qinghe Zhen Township Qinghecheng Township Qingheyi Township Qinghezhilujiading Zhen Qinghu Town
Qinghu Township Qinghua Township Qingji Lane Qingji Township Qingjian County Qingjiang Township
Qingjiangyi Township Qingkenpao Township Qingkou Township Qingkuang Township Qinglan Town Qinglan Township
Qinglang Township Qinglanshan Township Qinglian Town Qinglian Township Qinglin Township Qingling Township
Qinglong Street Qinglong Town Qinglong Township Qinglong, Qingshan Qinglongchang Town Qinglonggangji Villages
Qinglongguan Township Qinglongshan Town Qinglongshan Village Qingluo Township Qingman Township Qingmu Township
Qingni Township Qingnian Township Qingong Town Qingpian Township Qingping Town Qingping Township
Qingqi Town Qingquan Township Qingquanji Qingshan Town Qingshan Township Qingshan Village
Qingshan Village, even Bu Village, Dishui Village Qingshangou Township Qingshanquan Township Qingshanyuan Township Qingsheng Township Qingshi Township
Qingshiling Township Qingshitan Township Qingshu Township Qingshui Town Qingshui Township Qingshuihe
Qingshuihe County Qingshuihe Town Qingshuihe Township Qingshuihezihasakezu Township Qingshuikou Township Qingshuipu Town
Qingshuiqiao Township Qingshuiqing, Yuancheng, Qianyangping Qingshuitai Township Qingshuitang Town Qingshuiyan Township Qingshuiyi Township
Qingsong Township Qingsongling Township Qingtai Zhen Township Qingtan District Town Qingtan Township Qingtang Town
Qingtang Township Qingtang Village, Baoying Village Qingtao Township Qingtou Town Qinguan Township Qingwei Township
Qingxi Town Qingxi Township Qingxi Villages Qingxin County Qingyang Road Qingyang Township
Qingyangcha Town Qingyangshan Township Qingyihu Township Qingyinglu odd 2353-end Qingyishan Township Qingyu Township
Qingyuan Town Qingyuan Township Qingyun Town Qingyun Township Qingyunbao Town Qingyunjiesongjiangxiaokunshan
Qingzhaogonglu odd 55076649, even 56306158 Qingzhong Qingzhou City Qingzhou Town Qingzhou Township Qingzhu Township
Qinhe Township Qinhua Township Qinhuang Town Qinjia Town Qinjia Township Qinjiancunduhang Xiang
Qinjiatun Township Qinlan Town Qinlao Township Qinling Township Qinlou Township Qinnan Town
Qinongchangsuo Villages Zhuang Qinpai Township Qinqiao Township Qintan Township Qintang Township Qinting Township
Qinyang City Qinyang Township Qinyu Town Qinyuanxincunjiadingtanghang Qiongbola Township Qiongdi Township
Qiongkuerqiake Township Qiongkule Township Qiongzhong Li Autonomous County Qipan Town Qipan Township Qipo Township
Qiqian Township Qiqiao Township Qiqihaerlu odd 989 wan, even 986 wan Qiqin Township Qiqing Township Qiquanhu Town
Qisha Township Qishan Town Qishan Township Qishi Town Qishi Township Qishui Zhen, Haitian Xiangji Villages
Qisuozaidealatanemole Town Qisuozaideamugulang Town Qisuozaideatengxilian Town Qisuozaidebaochang Town Qisuozaidebayanwulahaote Town Qisuozaidechahannaoer Town
Qisuozaidechasuqi Town Qisuozaidedabuchake Zhen Qisuozaidedundahaote Town Qisuozaidehailiutu Zhen Qisuozaidelubei Town Qisuozaidesaihantala Town
Qisuozaidewudan Town Qisuozaidewulanhua Zhen Qisuozaidexinbaolige Town Qisuozaidexishanju Zhen Qisuozaideyindeer Town Qisuozaisalaqi Town
Qitai Township Qitao Township Qiting Township Qiu County Qiubin Township Qiuchang Town
Qiuchuan Town Qiucun Township Qiuhe Township Qiuji Township Qiujia Township Qiujiadian Town
Qiujiangliqiujiangli 187 long Qiukou Township Qiuligou Town Qiulin Township Qiulu Township Qiumake Village
Qiupa Township Qiupi Township Qiushi Township Qiuzhongqiudiancun Qiwei Town Qiwen Township
Qiwu Township Qixia City Qixian Township Qixing Town Qixing Township Qixingba Township
Qixinghe Township Qixingpao Town Qixingtai Villages Qixiong Township Qiyao Town Qiyi Township
Qiyi, Huaxing Village Qizhen Township Qizhuang Township Qizi Town Quan Xiang Town Quan'an Township
Quanbu, Shixi, Shangling, Xialing Quangou Town Quanhe Township Quanhe, Sanquan, Wangying Village Quanhenanlu odd 61-end Quanhetou Township
Quanhu Township Quanhu Xiang Villages Quanji Township Quanjia Wan Township Quanjiang Village Quanjiao County
Quanjun Township Quanjuyong Township Quankou Township Quanlin Town Quanling Township Quanmin Township
Quanming Township Quannong Township Quanpu Township Quanqiao Township Quansa Township Quanshan Town
Quanshan Township Quanshang Town Quansheng Township Quansheng Xiangjidaduzi Village, Shengxi Village Quanshui Township Quanshui, Xinghuoer Village
Quanshuiji Quanshuitou Township Quantai Town Quantang Town Quantang Township Quantang Zhen Villages
Quantang, Shiling Quantian Township Quantou Town Quanwang Township Quanyan Township Quanyang Town
Quanyanling Township Quanyuan Township Quanzhai Township Quanzhuang Township Quanzhuang, Xian Wan Quanzijie Township
Quba Township Quchaihe Township Quchang Township Qucun Town Qucun Township Qudi Town
Qudong Township Quekou Town Queshan County Qufu City Qugu Township Quhui Township
Qujia Township Qujiang Town Qujiang Township Qujiu Township Qulai Township Quli Town
Quliang Township Quluhai Township Qumahe Township Qunbake Township Qunfeng Township Qunke Town
Qunle Township Qunli Township Qunshan Township Qunsheng Township Quqiao Township Qushi Township
Qushi'an Township Qushui Township Quting Township Quwo County Quxi Town Quxi Township
Quxia Town Quyagong Township Quyang Town Quyang Township Quyu Township Quzhang Township
Quzi Town Quzi Township