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Country Codes

Cambodia has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:KH
  • Country ISO A3 code:KHM
  • Country ISO number:116
  • Currency Code:KHR
  • Currency Code number:116
  • Calling Code:+855

Postal Code Search - Cambodia

Postal Code for Cambodia

Click on the city to list all of it's postal codes. Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.

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Reaksmei Meanchey Rongvean Kaeut Rongvean Lech Roung Kou Chong Roung Kou Daeum Roung Kou Kandal
Ra Chamkar Chek Rung Krabau Rohat Tuek Ruessei Kraom Raksmei Serey Pheap Raksmey Samaki
Roka Run Rongvean Rouk Ruessei Kandal Ruessei Khang
Rumpeak Roul Chruk Rumduol Rohal Ruessei Roung Masin
Roluos Roka Thmei Rumlum Chrey Rohal Suong Reach Doun Kaev Rung
Rumchey Rotanak Rumchek Bei Rumchek Buon Rumchek Muoy Rumchek Pir
Rumchek Pram Rung Ampil Ream Sena Rokabos Ruessei Preah Ra
Ream Kon Roka Chhmoul Ruessei Muoy Ruessei Pir Rumchek Roong
Robas Mongkol Reak Smey Sangha Reaksmei Reang Kesei Reang Kraol Rung Chrey
Roung Damrei Routh Rongchak Roveang Roka Kraom Roka Leu
Roliek Romeas Ro'ang Kraom Ro'ang Leu Romul Rumlech
Reay Pay Kraom Reay Pay Leu Roka ar Roka Koy Ka Roka Koy Kha Roka Kaong
Roat Muni Roka Kaong Cheung Roka Kaong Tboung Ruom Vinh Robang Chroh Roung Chakr Kaeut
Roung Chakr Lech Roung Chakr Skar Romeas Choul Reul Kraom Reul Leu Roul Ph'aem
Ruessei Chuor Roung Chakr Roung Kou Roka Tvear Ruessei Srok Roka Khmuoch Cheung
Roka Khmuoch Tboung Roka Thum Riev Roka Pram Ti Muoy Roka Pram Ti Pir Ruessei Dangkuoch
Ruessei Duoch Royeas Roleang Ropeak Roka Tong Rolung
Romiang Sar Ruessei Veal Rumdaoh Thmei Ruessei Yul Roka Pok Rumluek
Rumleang Roleang Sangkae Rumloung Runloung Prakhleah Reang Roka Kaoh
Roleang Tuek Rumpoat Chruk Romeang Slab Reang Ter Rumduol Paetprambei Rumduol Thmei
Roleang Chrey Roleang Chak Roleang Kreul Rovieng Reung Peung Roka Banh
Rumlich Tnaot Roleang Thlaeung Ream Kandal Roleang Baeng Roleab Reaksmei Rumdaoh
Ruessei Lor Ropeak Pen Ruessei Cheah Romeang Ngoab Roka Chuor Roneam
Rumpuh Rang Khnay Ronteah Robaoh Khtum Ruessei Dom Rumpeun
Ruessei Chum Robang Kras Rumdeng Rumduol Cheung Rumduol Tboung Roleang Kaen
Rean Thma Reay Dab Roka Muoy Roka Pir Reang Dek Roteang
Roboah Angkanh Reang Chuor Roneah Ruessei Chrouy Roka Knaor Roka Kandal Muoy
Roka Kandal Pir Ruessei Char Ruessei Kaev Roha Rumpuk Rones
Roung Chak Tuek Kak Rathkraoh Chheh Ream Romneng Roveak Roya
Royor Leu Rumdaoh Rom Doul Thmei Rung Roeang Rasmei Sophy Reang Sei
Romchek Roneam Thum Rolom Veng Romdoul Veasna Rot Champei Ruessei Sros
Rolum Thma Robugn Rovieng Cheung Rovieng Tboung Rumlum Laeng Ruessei K'aek
Reaks Chey Roveang Chum Ruessei Chuk Ti Muoy Ruessei Chuk Ti Pir Roung Romeas Chhor
Ruessei Tonle Roka Tret Ruessei Sanh Robas Phchet Ruessei Chak Ruessei Sbat
Ruessei Tvear Ruessei Chuk Roka Doh Ruessei Totueng Ruessei Thlok Ruessei Slab
Roka Khsok Robang Romeas Ruessei Ta Man Robaoh Reang Rung Ta Kok Rohaltel
Reang Til Roluos Kandal Roluos Khang Kaeut Reung Touch Ray Reu Han
Rieng Vinh Rak Romiet Reach Chontol Rolum Rovieng Thmei
Rundas Rovieng Ta Tum Rumlong Rumchey Chroh Rung Thmei Ruessei Lok
Rolum Svay Reul Roluos Kaeut Roluos Lech Roka Kambot Roka Yea
Run Khang Cheung Run Khang Tboung Rolum Tuk Rum Chek Ruessei Thum Ruessei Touch
Rumpoat Ruessei Am Rou Ruessei Daoch Ruessei Lieb Ream Chou
Romeas Haek Roung Snao Romeang Tret Ruessei Prey Rumdenh Ruessei Chuor Cheung
Ruessei Chuor Tboung Robaoh Pring Roub Ko Roung Banlae Romeang Thkaol Ruessei Chongruk
Rumlok Royak Roka Khpos Roteh Phluk Romenh Khang Cheung Romenh Khang Tboung
Roneam Tnaot Ream Andaeuk Roneam Pech Ruessei Thmei Romon Rumlich Svay
Rumpeak Pen Ruessei Muoy Kump