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Country Codes

Belarus has the following ISO codes
  • Country ISO A2 code:BY
  • Country ISO A3 code:BLR
  • Country ISO number:112
  • Currency Code:BYR
  • Currency Code number:974
  • Calling Code:+375

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Postal Code for Belarus

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Zababe Zababury Zabava Zabavy Zabaykal Zabegi
Zabelavcy Zabele Zabelino Zabely Zabenkovo Zaberdovo
Zaberez Zaberezcy Zabereze Zaberezina Zaberezinec Zaberezovka
Zabeygi Zabichany Zabiyaka Zablockovschina Zablotishki Zabochev
Zabod Zaboene Zabogoniki Zaboka Zabolot Zabolote
Zabolotenka Zabolotniki Zabolotnya Zabolotskoe Zaborcy Zabore
Zabore-Ferma Zaborniki Zabornye-Gumna Zaboroche Zaborok Zaborovcy
Zaborove Zabrechany Zabreze Zabrode Zabrodene Zabrodskie
Zabroevcy Zabudki Zabumere Zacen Zacene Zachepichi
Zachereve Zadetuni Zadeve Zadezhe Zadnevo Zadnyaya-Gryada
Zadobriche Zadomlya Zadonschina Zadore Zadorovka Zadorozhe
Zadory Zadoschene Zadrache Zadrove Zadrozde Zadubene
Zadubrove Zadveya Zadvine Zadvorcy Zadvore Zadvorency
Zadvorniki Zadvoryane Zadvoryani Zadvoryany Zady Zaelency
Zaelene Zaelnik Zaelniki Zaelnoe Zaelnya Zaenki
Zaese Zaezde Zafilcy Zafrancuzskaya-Greblya Zagale Zagalichi
Zagalskaya-Sloboda Zagarani Zagate Zagay Zagayno Zaglinnoe
Zaglubokoe Zagolove Zagorane Zagorany Zagorbashe Zagorcy
Zagore Zagore-Delyatichskoe Zagore-Sennenskoe Zagorelskie Zagorenka Zagorniki
Zagornoe Zagorode Zagorodnaya Zagorskoe Zagory Zagoryane
Zagotskot Zagrade Zagrebe Zagromadino Zagurkovische Zaguze
Zagvazdino Zaharenki Zaharichi Zaharni Zaharnichi Zaharovka
Zaharovo Zaharovschina Zahazhevo Zahodniki Zahodno Zahody
Zahvoyniki Zakabluki Zakalnoe Zakamenka Zakapliche Zakazanka
Zakazinec Zakiy Zakletene Zakolyuzhe Zakonovschina Zakopyte
Zakore Zakorki Zakozel Zakrashinskiy-Moh Zakratune Zakrevschina
Zakrinichnyy Zakruzhka Zakryniche Zakuplene Zakure Zakute
Zakutskiy-Dvorok Zalave Zalavki Zalaze Zale Zalese
Zaleshany Zaleski Zaleskiy-Bor Zaleskovschina Zalesna Zalesnaya
Zalesnye Zalesovcy Zalesovschina Zalesskie Zalesyany Zaleyki
Zalhove Zalichinka Zalineynyy Zalipe Zalog Zalog-Pyatiletki
Zalomy Zalonickie Zaloze Zalozhe Zalozhnoe Zalozki
Zaluchany Zaluche Zalug Zaluneve Zaluzhe Zalyade
Zalyubichi Zalyutichi Zameloche Zamen-Rynya Zamhi Zamhovo
Zamikitka Zamki Zamkovaya Zamlyne Zamochek Zamochule
Zamokrove Zamoschany Zamoshanskaya Zamoshe Zamoshene Zamoste
Zamostoche Zamostyany Zamshany Zanalyuchik Zanaroch Zancevichi
Zanemoncy Zaneteche Zanevichi Zanevisha Zani Zanive
Zanivoche Zanki Zanovinskoe Zanyuny Zaobol Zaose
Zaostroveche Zaozercy Zaozere Zaozernaya Zapadnyy Zapale
Zapasene Zapashka Zapasniki Zaperehodnoe Zaperine Zapesoche
Zaplese Zaplyuschino Zapokule Zapole Zapolevschina Zapolichi
Zapolose Zapolyaki Zapolyanka Zapoviny Zaprose Zaprude
Zaprudovka Zaprudyany Zapruzhany Zapure Zaputki Zarache
Zaradvine Zarakitnoe Zarechane Zarechanka Zarechanskaya Zarechany
Zareche Zarechick Zarechka Zarechki Zarechnaya Zarechnaya-Sloboda
Zarechnoe Zarechnoe-Podbereze Zarechnye-Batuki Zareckie Zarembino Zarezhe
Zarica Zarnica Zaronovo Zarosli Zarove Zaroy
Zarubchiki Zarubichi Zarubino Zaruby Zaruche Zarucheve
Zarude Zarya Zarya-Avhimkovskaya Zarya-Kommunizma Zarya-Revolyucii Zarya-Svobody
Zaschebe Zaschirino Zasekli Zasele Zaseleche Zaselok
Zasete Zashlyashe Zasimovichi Zasimy Zasinniki Zasitnica
Zaskorki Zaskovichi Zaslonovka Zaslonovo Zasluchno Zasmuzhe
Zasnude Zasore Zasove Zaspa Zastarincy Zastarine
Zastariny Zastave Zastenki Zastenok Zastenok-Belskie Zastenok-Brili
Zastenok-Milyuny Zastenok-Rechnye Zastenok-Skriplevo Zastenok-Zatishe Zastodole Zasvir
Zatishe Zatishek Zatitova-Sloboda Zatoche Zaton Zatrostene
Zaturya Zaugole Zaulki Zaulok-Russkiy Zaushe Zaute
Zauzhel Zavadichi Zavadkovichi Zavalki Zavalynka Zavan
Zavazhane Zaveleve Zavere Zavergani Zavershany Zavershe
Zaverskie-Hutora Zavetnoe Zaviche Zavidchicy Zavidovka Zavishino
Zavishinskaya-Rudnya Zavitaya Zavliche-Novoe Zavod Zavodskoy Zavoi
Zavoroty Zavoyt Zavrutki Zavyaze Zavyhod Zayamnoe
Zayamochnoe Zaycev Zaycevo Zaycy Zaykovo Zaykovschina
Zaymische Zazavodka Zazere Zazerica Zazerka Zazhevichi
Zazony Zazyby Zbarovichi Zbirogi Zblyany Zboromirovo
Zborov Zborsk Zbory Zboysk Zbrodovichi Zbrozhki
Zbunin Zditovo Zdudichi Zelenaya Zelenaya-Dolina Zelenaya-Dubrava
Zelenaya-Hvoya Zelenaya-Polyana Zelenaya-Roscha Zelenaya-Run Zelenec Zelenevichi
Zelenka Zelenki Zelenochi Zelenye-Duby Zelenye-Luki Zelenyy-Bor
Zelenyy-Dub Zelenyy-Gay Zelenyy-Klin Zelenyy-Kryazh Zelenyy-Kurgan Zelenyy-Log
Zelenyy-Lug Zelenyy-Luzhok Zelenyy-Ostrov Zelenyy-Prudok Zelenyy-Sad Zelezki
Zelki Zelovo Zelyonaya Zelzin Zemcy Zemkovichi
Zemkovo Zemlyanichka Zenanpole Zenchiki Zenevcy Zenevichi
Zenevschina Zenki Zenkovo Zenyapishi Zenyuki Zernovaya
Zevalichi Zgarda Zgursk Zh-D Rzd Kamayka Zh-D St Lepeshki Zh-D St Medvedevka
Zhabchicy Zhaber Zhabichi Zhabin Zhabincy Zhabinka
Zhabovschina Zhabry Zhabyki Zhadeny Zhadeyki Zhadun
Zhadunka Zhaguni Zhahovschina Zhaki Zhalaby Zhaly
Zhamoysk Zhankovichi Zharcy Zhardeli Zharki Zharkovo
Zharkovschina Zharno Zharskie Zhary Zhaury Zhavnerchiki
Zhavoronki Zhazhelka Zhdanki Zhdanovichi Zhdanovka Zhdanovo
Zhdany Zhdegeli Zhebentyai Zhelabishki Zhelcy Zhelezki
Zheleznaya-Borovina Zheleznica Zhelezniki Zheleznodorozhnaya-Kazarma Zheleznyaki Zhelezovschina
Zhelibor Zhelive Zheltovschina Zheltyy-Brod Zhelude Zheludok
Zheludovo Zheludovschina Zhelyai Zhelyubchiki Zhemchuzhnyy Zhemoydyaki
Zhemoytishki Zhemoytuki Zhemyslavl Zherd Zherdische Zherdnoe
Zherdyanskiy Zherdyazhe Zherebikovo Zherino Zherlaki Zhernelishki
Zhernevka Zhernoseki Zhernosekovo Zherstvyanka Zhestinnoe Zhestyanka
Zhevnovo Zhevzhik Zheymyany Zhgun Zhguno-Buda Zhiborty
Zhichin Zhidche Zhigalovo Zhigaly Zhigi Zhiguli
Zhiguny Zhiguti Zhihary Zhihi Zhikovichi Zhilevschina
Zhili Zhilichi Zhilinda Zhilinskie Zhilyancy Zhini
Zhinovcy Zhirblevichi Zhirhovka Zhirmuny Zhitin Zhitlin
Zhitnev Zhitnoe Zhitnovichi Zhitomlya Zhitonezhe Zhitorod
Zhitovlya Zhivun Zhmindino Zhmurkovo Zhmurovka Zhogaly
Zhohovo Zhohovschina Zholkino Zholna Zholnerovschina Zholudy
Zhomoyd Zhomoydi Zhornovka Zhorovka Zhovinnik Zhovnino
Zhoydiki Zhuchki Zhugerovschina Zhukevichi Zhuki Zhuknevo
Zhukov-Lug Zhukovichi Zhukovka Zhukovo Zhukovschina Zhuperki
Zhuravcy Zhuravelniki Zhuravichi Zhuravinka Zhuravkovichi Zhuravlevka
Zhuravli Zhuravnevo Zhuravno Zhuravok Zhuravy Zhurevichi
Zhurovec Zhusiny Zhutino Zhvikovo Zhvirbli Zhvirblishki
Zhvirini Zhvirinka Zhvirino Zhvoyrishki-Bolshie Zhvoyrishki-Malye Zimirka
Zimnicy Zimnik Zimniki Zimniy Zinevcy Zinovichi
Zinyaki Zlobovschina Zlomnoe Zloto Zmeevcy Zmeevka
Zmitraki Znamenka Znamenskaya Znamya Znamya-Truda Znaydino
Zobie Zofinovo Zolotari Zolotaya-Gorka Zolotovichi Zolotoy-Rog
Zolotuha Zorenka Zori Zorichi Zorka Zorniki
Zosin-Bolshoy Zosin-Malyy Zosino Zoskovo Zubachi Zubaki
Zubki Zubkovichi Zubkovo Zublische Zubovichi Zubovo
Zubovschina Zubrevichi Zubrovo Zubrovschina Zuevka Zui
Zulovo Zvalnya Zvanoe Zvenchatka Zvenyachi Zvenyatskoe
Zverinichi Zverki Zverovschina Zvezda Zvezdnaya Zvonec
Zvonka Zvonki Zvyagi Zyabki Zyablica Zyabrovka
Zyazi Zybaly Zybayly Zybki Zyboly Zygmuntishki
Zykovo Zyuki Zyuzino